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Dynasty War Instructions

Dynasty War is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, summon units, construct building, and select actions. Move the mouse to the edges of the screen to scroll the map. You may also use the arrow keys to scroll the map. The P key pauses the game.

Dynasty War Walkthrough

Dynasty War is a war game based on the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. This strategy game features splendid graphics, numerous upgrades, eight achievements, and four campaigns.

The objective of Dynasty War is to conquer China and become the new Emperor. There are four campaigns, one for each of the Three Kingdoms as well as one other faction that seems to have been made up for the game (which also happens to be the hardest campaign). In order of difficulty, these campaigns are the Shu, Wei, Wu, and Lu Bu. If this is your first time playing this war game, I advise you to play the Shu campaign and pay close attention to the tutorial given before the first battle. You can save your campaign progress by clicking the save button on the world map screen. To continue your previous conquest, click the continue button on the main menu.

You begin your conquest from the world map screen. From here, you can open the options menus, upgrade your forces, view achievements, save the game, and of course, enter the next battle. Provinces that are under your control will have your faction's colored flag in them. You may only attack enemies that are adjacent to any of your provinces in this war game.

Once you have chosen a province to attack, you will enter battle. The objective of battles in Dynasty War is to slay the enemy general while preventing your general from falling. Use the interface to train units and build buildings. These actions require resources, however, so you will have to wait for time to pass and resources to be collected before you can mass a huge army. To Units follow the officer that they are assigned to, so you must click on the officer's portrait, then click on the area of the map that you wish to move them to. You may also order all of the officers in this war game by clicking on the "All Officer Attack" or "All Officer Retreat" buttons near the top of the screen. Easy victory can be attained by massing huge armies on all of your officers and ordering them to all attack at once. Just be sure to build an arrow tower near your own base for defense!

After each battle of Dynasty War, you can use the gold that you earned to upgrade your forces. Gold is earned whether you win or lose a battle, but more gold can be earned for winning. The Stronger Army upgrade is a good start since it will increase the power of your units. Unlocking other buildings is also a good idea since it will allow you to train a greater range of units to crush your enemies. Shamans and archers should be acquired as soon as possible since their ranged attacks make them deadly to your foes.

Dynasty War is a solid strategy game, but its interface may confound some players. With practice and attention to detail, however, you will be able to figure things out and become the new Emperor!