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Echoes: Operation Stranglehold Instructions

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. In combat mode, the WASD keys are used to move, the mouse is used to aim and to shoot, and the mouse wheel is used to cycle through weapons, the Q key is held to select units, and the E key brings up the action wheel to order selected units. In strategy mode, the mouse is used to select and issue orders to units while the WASD keys are used to scroll the map. These keys can be redefined under the controls tab of the settings menu.

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold Walkthrough

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is a war game where you must lead humanity's resistance against hostile alien invaders. This war game features excellent graphics, a captivating storyline, and gameplay that mixes the styles of action games and real-time-strategy games. Since this strategy game contains numerous cutscenes and voiceovers to move the story along, it may take a while to load on slower connections.

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is a story-driven game, so mission objectives will be given in cutscenes and in-game dialogue. Your progress is automatically saved at the end of each stage, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play. Once you have completed the primary campaign, you will unlock Survival Mode which features additional missions and new weapons.

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold blends the shooting game genre with real-time strategy game elements. In combat mode, the WASD keys are used to move and the mouse is used to aim and to shoot. Units can be selected in this mode by holding down the Q key as you drag your mouse across the screen. If you wish to issue orders to the selected units, hold down the E key to bring up the actions wheel, hover your mouse over the order that you wish to give to the selected units, then release the E key. The strategy mode of this war game has controls similar to those of a common RTS. Use the mouse to select units and to issue orders and the WASD keys to scroll the map.

Although action gamers may feel the urge to rush in gung-ho, it is important to utilize friendly forces in this war game. Issue orders to your troops depending on the scenario that you are facing. It may also help to activate your shield and stand in front of your troops to protect them from fire or to heal your troops when they are injured. You cannot revive troopers that are killed in action, so you should heal them when they are low on health and avoid sending them into the meat-grinder!

Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is an absolute monument of a war game that fans of run-and-gun shooting games and strategy games can enjoy. The only problem with Echoes: Operation Stranglehold is its heavy dialogue which is often critical for the completion of missions, meaning that gamers with little patience and those that want to get straight to the action rather than deal with the story may take issue with the game.