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Elite Forces: Clone Wars Instructions

Select a base with your mouse that has soldiers in it. Once it's been selected, you can choose any other base - enemy or friendly - to move troops to. Bases that you've taken over will produce more troops, at a slow rate, so spread out your soldiers as much as you can.

Elite Forces: Clone Wars Walkthrough

Elite Forces: Clone Wars is an RTS war game with a very simple aspect of gameplay: it's all about spreading your troops. That's what it all boils down to - effectively distributing your troops. You'll start the game off, depending on what map you've picked, with either one or two enemies. Your base, which generates troops, is what you have to protect - if it's taken over, it's game over - so make sure it isn't, at all costs.

Neutral bases, or enemy-controlled bases, are smaller in size, but just as important. By clicking on your home base, then clicking on a neutral base, you'll be able to send your troops to take it over. Once you've sent enough troops, it will become yours, and will start producing troops on its own. However, that's what the enemy is doing, too. This makes acting quickly the most important part of the game, since the production rate of soldiers is the same for both sides.

And although the gameplay is simplistic, it's still fun and exciting - and most especially, fast paced. There are also tons of maps to choose from - with the ability to make your own, giving a huge amount of replay value to Elite Forces: Clone Wars. Unlike other war games, you'll be able to complete matches pretty quickly, and that's always a plus.

Overall, Elite Forces: Clone Wars is a little too simple - but that doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable. The gameplay is completely different when compared with any other war game, and if you've never played anything similar to it, you'll probably like it.