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Elite Forces: Warfare Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to train new troops, purchase upgrades, build towers, and attack the enemy. To select a group of your soldiers, drag and click your left mouse button mouse - and if you want them to attack on sight, press CTRL while clicking. Use an effective mixture of towers and ground troops to conquer each map.

Elite Forces: Warfare Walkthrough

Like most other war games, you'll train, direct, and organize ground troops in Elite Forces: Warfare. But there's an added aspect to this game that sets it apart from a lot of other war games - you'll be able to build and upgrade towers in addition to your standing army. With that added aspect, the game takes a whole new dimension, and some maps are much more interesting because of it - while others can be much harder.

If you've never played a war game like Elite Forces Warfare before, the only thing you'll have to worry about is dividing your money evenly between towers and troops. Depending on the map you're playing, there may be runners - and it may primarily be a tower defense map - or it may primarily be a run-and-gun map where you only need troops. But it's pretty easy to figure out; the objective of the map will either be to destroy the enemies' base or to clear out all the enemy runners.

Destroying wave after wave of enemy runners is easy - try to only use ground troops when necessary, and upgrade your towers as much as you possibly can - it's much more effective than buying a load of towers and placing them everywhere. However, if you're supposed to destroy an enemies' base, you'll have to start building and upgrading (click on your base to do either) troops. Towers aren't really effective in taking out an enemy base since you can only build them near your existing troops, so don't bother using them.

Be sure to claim lots of coal mines, too - they'll increase how much money you make over time, so be sure to secure as many as you can, while you can. Overall, Elite Forces: Warfare has great gameplay, a wide selection of troops and towers to choose from, and hordes of enemies to defeat - it's great for any gamer.