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Elite Forces: Warfare 2 Instructions

Point and click with your mouse to build and upgrade strategically placed towers - on some maps, you'll also be able to place and direct troops. The primary tower you select determines which types of towers you can build - so choose wisely. Once you've completed a map, you'll earn some cash, and you'll be able to purchase upgrades in between levels at the shop. Click and drag to select and direct groups of ground troops. Clicking on the progress bar will send the next oncoming wave, saving you time.

Elite Forces: Warfare 2 Walkthrough

Elite Forces: Warfare 2 is a mix of warfare, tower defense, and insanity. There are maps where you'll have to direct ground troops in addition to placing towers, while other maps only consist of tower defense. Depending on what map you've picked, you'll have to strategize accordingly.

Since there are so many types of towers to choose from, it's best to mix and match until you find a tower that suits your playing style. Life towers, for instance, are cheap - but not very powerful, and their rate of fire isn't the best either. Don't make it your primary tower. But the wind tower, which has the ability to chain damage and combo enemies, is a powerful primary tower - and great for beginners. Paired with a death tower, it's an unstoppable combo; but there are tons of great tower combos in Elite Forces: Warfare 2 - you'll just have to figure them out.

If you don't have an adequate tower defense when the first wave runs through, you'll quickly realize that you're going to lose - it's that obvious. And, like any other war game, the runners you'll have to crush with your towers are soldiers. But, unlike most other war games, the towers you're able to build can be upgraded, and eventually very powerful; although higher level upgrades do take some time to complete, so keep that in mind if you're about to take on another wave.

Overall, Elite Forces: Warfare 2 is a great war game and a great tower defense game - you're getting the best of both worlds. And, as long as you can pick a good combination of towers and soldiers, you'll beat down wave after wave of enemies like it's nothing.