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Mouse interacts with everything.

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You are in a country with several kingdoms all thirsting for blood and power. Empire of the Galaldur is a real-time-strategy war game that also involves copious amounts of city management and resource management. Since the in-game tutorial is pathetic and doesn't work properly I'll take over that job.

When you start the game you will be at the screen for your city. If you have played Heroes of Might and Magic you will have a general idea of how this works. At the top of the screen you see your available resources, food, wood, stone, and gold. You naturally produce one of each every day, but this can be sped up by building and upgrading farms, stone mines, lumber mills, and the castle as you would expect from war games that involve running a kingdom.

Along the bottom are your management options which are important to any war game with depth to them. The green and red symbol on the left is the current time, when it fills up, there will be a new day and anything that takes time will come a little closer to completion. After that are the proper actions. The wooden mallet is building. By clicking on it, you will see a list of buildings that can be constructed, the resources needed, and the time it will take. Clicking on a building will show what it does and the benefits of upgrading. You can only have one thing being built or upgraded at any time.

The second option with the soldier is the train menu. When you have build armories, blacksmiths, barracks, and so on, you can train soldiers for a price. The more soldiers you train at once, the longer it takes, but once the training is over the entire unit is produced, so don't get too many going at once. Upgrading the barracks and other buildings increases the speed at which they train.

The third option with the cavalry is the formation option in which your army for that town is defined. You have nine slots and can put any amount of a single unit type in it. The front line is the rightmost three squares as the arrow shows. Place them how you wish by clicking the formation button.

The fourth option with the sword is the war option. By clicking this, you can attack an adjacent province with your army, I'll explain battles shortly.

The map shows the current state of the region, and who is fighting who and who is transferring goods where once you have built a tavern in one of your owned provinces. You cannot tell what kingdom owns what province without looking at the names but you can tell who is getting a royal beatdown from your many rivals.

When you attack or are attacked in Empire of the Galadur, you will be taken to the battle screen that shows up to nine units on either side. You can move your units by clicking on them, and clicking elsewhere on the map. If your units contact the enemy then they will engage in battle. It's best to have plenty of archers to back your troops up since they move so slowly. Battles are over quickly once the action gets going however so don't get too annoyed.

You can also transfer resources between the provinces as well as army units. There is little need to move resources because of the fast production but keeping your army in place for enemy attacks is how you want to win in Empire of the Galadur, or you can just amass a huge army and quickly attack each and every province.

Another victory condition in Empire of the Galadur which was pinched from war games like Age of Empire is the build the ultimate wonder which costs 999 of each resource and takes 360 days to produce at a high-level science facility, but in all honesty it's far quicker to just build the aforementioned huge army and steamroll the country.