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Empires of Arkeia Instructions

Empires of Arkeia is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Click on unit icons or use the number keys to select unit types. Click on the green arrows to deploy units in the indicated lane. When your morale bar is full, press the spacebar to unleash a full ave of attackers.

Empires of Arkeia Walkthrough

Empires of Arkeia is a war game developed by Sam Raski. This war game is similar to Swordfall: Kingdoms, another war game developed by Sam Raski, in its appearance and gameplay, but features a new, less-complicated campaign, which makes it more enjoyable for casual gamers.

The objective of Empires of Arkeia is to establish an empire across the world of Arkeria. In order to do this, you must conquer your enemies. Your mission is to dominate the battlefield and get your troops past your opponent's side of the field. At the same time, you must prevent enemy units from crossing your side of the screen. When one side has lowered their opponent's HP to zero and killed all of their units, the battle will end and that side will be victorious. Your progress is saved after each battle in this war game, so you do not have to conquer the world in one session.

Empires of Arkeia uses a control scheme similar to that of Swordfall: Kingdoms. The mouse can be used to control every aspect of the game, but it is best to use keyboard hotkeys as well. Click on unit icons (or use the number keys) to select units, then click on green arrows to deploy units. It is a good idea to deploy units in each lane to maximize your force's offense and defense. Keep melee units at the front of your assault, and ranged units in the back to pepper your enemies from afar. When your morale bar (the blue bar in the upper-left corner) has filled, press the spacebar to unleash an attack force across all five lanes!

Experience is earned after each battle in this war game. Use experience to purchase upgrades for your forces at the academy. The types of upgrades that you buy depends on your style of fighting. For example, if you like to use lots of archers, you should purchase upgrades for ranged units, but if you prefer to deploy infantry, then you should research upgrades for swords and spears. Additional units may also be unlocked for winning battles in this strategy game. You are allowed to have six different unit types in your army during a battle. To modify the composition of your army, click on the button labeled "Barracks", then click and drag icons into place.

Empires of Arkeia is a captivating war game with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. Diehard war gamers may be turned off by its simplicity relative to the earlier Swordfall: Kingdoms, but casual gamers will appreciate the lower complexity.