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Endless War 4 Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Move up using 'w'. Move down using 's'. Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Reload using 'r'. Perform an alternate attack using 'space'. Drop your gun to pick up a new one using 'g'. Throw grenade using 'f'. Lie down to duck enemy fire using 'shift'. Switch allies using 'e'. Move ally to your cursor using 'q'. Choose a new weapon using number keys 1-4.

Endless War 4 Walkthrough

Endless War 4 is another great game in the excellent Endless War series. This game offers everything you could ever want in a war game - great graphics, challenging levels, powerful weapons and lots of action. With three excellent campaigns covering past and future battles that offer twelve missions in total, there is a lot to get through in this one. There have been some great additions to the game - mainly the blade launcher and the laser - but the game retains all the charm of the preceding games in the series. Newcomers are going to find this one a little challenging right from the beginning since it is a little more complex than many of the other war games online, but more experienced players will welcome the challenge. The fact that you can control ally soldier is also a huge benefit but, again, may be something newcomers might find a bit difficult to get the hang of. In time, though, even newcomers will be able to improve their skills enough that they'll be able to make it through to the end of the game.

One of the best improvements Endless War 4 has made over the other games in the series addresses one of the features many war game players like the most in games that follow this basic format - the ability to use stealth. In previous incarnations, you could not sneak up on an enemy soldier but in this game you can. That makes things a bit more easier, but also a lot more enjoyable. It's important to be careful when using stealth, though. If the solider you are trying to sneak up on is injured, he will be able to see you and will be able to take you out. Before you even attempt to use stealth, make sure the soldier has not been hit. The ability to use stealth in this game will please more experienced players who have played other games where stealth was an option. In addition, the three campaigns in this game are presented on three different maps which wasn't true in previous games in the series. This is a popular addition to the game as well, but like stealth, is something a newcomer might not fully appreciate.

The only real drawback to Endless War 4 is that there really isn't much in the way of achievements or customization. Many of the other war games online will offer various things that you can strive for but that isn't the case with this one. In addition, you aren't given the option to customize your character. The fact that you aren't given any drivable cars or tanks can be viewed as some more experienced players as a drawback but when looking at the genre as a whole, that's really not something that's terribly uncommon. While it is true that there are some online war games that offer this option, the majority of the games do not. None of these drawbacks really take anything away from the enjoyment of the game. Instead, they're simply ways the game could be improved in future versions or in the next game in the series.

Overall, Endless War 4 is an excellent game that offers something for every fan of war games. If you want to do well, you need to keep your eyes open and make use of your ally soldiers. It's also important to use grenades, but make sure you're careful. You can wound yourself with a poorly thrown grenade so keep an eye out for walls or barricades that might made the grenade roll back to you. In addition, be careful where you're directing your ally troops. They can't walk through walls and in most cases, they're not smart enough to not try. Move them to an entrance before you try to make them enter a room. If you don't, they'll just stand against the wall and not move. They follow your cursor so make sure you have your cursor in the right place. This is an intense and fast paced war game any fan of the genre should be able to appreciate.