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If you have played war games before, the control scheme of Enigmata shouldn't be too hard for you to pick up. The game takes place in the Enigmata Galaxy. An evil force that goes by the name of Genu has taken over most of the sector where you live. And you need to fend off this invader. You are the only one who has the firepower and the guts to challenge this unknown malevolent force. For basic movement, you will use the arrow keys of your keyboard. And to fire and obliterate enemies, the Space Bar is the button to press. That's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as control schemes go. Let's have a closer look at the game.

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FUN! If I'm allowed to pick only one word to describe this flash-based war game, FUN would be it. The game is one hell of a ride... PERIOD. There are tons of enemies to take out, there are tons of upgrades that will take your firepower to the next level, and there are 9 different ships to choose from. From top to bottom, from start to finish, this game just screams PLAY ME! This game gave me hours and hours of pure enjoyment. It deserves 5 stars in the FUN department. Never had this much fun in ages.

As for the length, Enigmata will keep you busy... no, rather it will keep you on the edge of your seats for hours. Think about it, this futuristic war game showcases 26 FUN levels that are increasing in difficulty and challenges. Nah, it's not like those lengthy games that get boring the longer you play it. With the massive amount of upgrades available for your taking, you are not going to leave your computer for quite some time.

The game may look complex at first glance, BUT it's actually easy to pick up. Learning shouldn't be a painful process for this game. First, just pay attention to health bar and energy bar. The health bar's function is self-explanatory. The energy bar, on the other hand, is for pulling off those special tricks. Second, check out the power ups. Now, with so many power ups in the game, it may take you quite a while to pick up everything. HOWEVER, that shouldn't give you too much trouble. Enigmata is a 'pick up fast and play forever' kind of war game that fans of the genre will surely enjoy.

As for the quality and graphics, I MUST say that this game is just amazing. The designs of the ships are very detailed. It almost has no similarities between the enemies. To make things even sweeter in this department, the game ran smoothly and it's just a blast to play and watch as ships blow up from left, right, and center. There's a guy in the corner giving you some piece of advice. I wish the developer would move him up a bit since he's almost non-existent. BUT that's not a problem. I was too busy taking out enemy ships to pay much attention to him. ?

When it comes to the difficulty department, the game really isn't hard unless you want it to be. There are 3 game modes to choose from - there's the normal and hard mode, then there's the Boss World. My advice is to steer clear from the Hard and Boss World until you have everything you want, get, or need. No significant problems in this department.

As for the replay value, this war game doesn't have much to show for. Well, to be honest, I don't want to start from scratch in the first place. Once you have unlocked the Black Market, you don't want to start all over again. HOWEVER, there are times I just reload the game to try out different ship set ups and upgrades for the thrill of it.

As for the originality or uniqueness of the game, well... it's a tough call I'd say since I saw a game - Upgrade Complete, and this war game looks like a revamped version of it. BUT the hell with uniqueness and originality! Playing this game means getting doses of pure fun so who cares, right? ?

As for those people who are having a hard time disposing the last couple of bosses, here's a tip. Don't go in with a crappy gun like the green spread fire type or Amazatron. Trust me, the bosses will crush you like a bug. You need to play the game for 9 hours (which is NOT boring by the way since it's A LOT of fun) for you to be able to afford a good ship set up. The trick here is to keep on amassing power ups even after you have completed the level. You have to upgrade those rare weapons that are found in the purple portal and grab one of those awesome and really rare weapons just before the boss.

Once done, you have to power them up with the multiple direction power up then get out of the level with the warp speed before you go for another gun changing power up. This allows you to have a weapon combo that's complete with boss missiles, elite bombs, 2 back up ships, particle gun, as well as energy and health rejuvenators. BUT even then, it's NOT going to be an easy battle. It took me like 2 to 3 times to finally take out the final boss... and man! It was just fulfilling.

Well, enough talk about the game. Why not give it a shot and see what I'm talking about?