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Enigmata: Stellar War Instructions

Enigmata: Stellar War is controlled by using the the mouse and the keyboard. Build units by clicking on their icons on the right side of the screen. Click on your base to deploy the units. Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to scroll the camera. Press the P key to pause the game.

Enigmata: Stellar War Walkthrough

Enigmata: Stellar War is a strategy and defense game that is a spinoff of the Enigmata series of shooting games. This war game features spectacular graphics, awesome sound effects and music, and captivating gameplay.

The goal of Enigmata: Stellar War is to protect your base from waves of enemies. This war game is essentially a tower defense game, but enemies move freely in space rather than following paths. Destroying enemies fills the bar on the left side of the screen. When the bar fills completely, a powerful boss (known as a "Mega-Craft" in this war game) will appear. When the Mega-Craft is destroyed, the level will end and your progress will be saved.

The first time that you play Enigmata: Stellar War, you will be given the choice whether or not you want to play through a tutorial. If you are new to this war game, I advise you to play the tutorial by selecting "Sure" when you are asked if you are new to the game. For those of you that skipped the tutorial, we will sum up the controls here. The mouse is used to build and to place units. Click on the type of unit that you wish to build, then click on your base to deploy it. You may click and drag deployed units to move them around. Click on any empty area of space to open the powers menu. Click on a power to activate that power in the area that you clicked. Hover over gold coins to collect them. You may build as many units as you want to for free, but you may only build as many as your limit allows. Increasing the limit, unlocking new units, and unlocking new powers costs money.

After completing each level of Enigmata: Stellar War, you will have access to an upgrade shop. Here, you will be able to unlock various perks to help you to bolster your defenses. The best upgrades to purchase depend on your style of playing this war game, so I will let you decide for yourself. Your progress is automatically saved in the autosave slot, but you can manually save your game as well in the slot of your choice after leaving the upgrade shop.

Enigmata: Stellar War drifts away from the shooting game roots of earlier games in the series, but retains the high level of quality found in prior Enigmata games. This war game may be a change for fans of the Enigmata series, but it is worth giving a play, especially if you are a fan of defense games!