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Epic War Instructions

Aim arrows using up and down arrow keys. Fire arrows using 'a' (default), 's' (fire), 'd' (thunder) or 'f' (ice). Build turret using 'q'. Build barrier using 'w'. Build trap using 'e'. Use 'more mana' ability using 'r'. Train or summon units using number keys 1-7 (1 = train hobbit, 2 = train dwarf, 3 = train elf, 4 = train wizard, 5 = summon Golem, 6 = summon Dragon, 7 = summon Angel). Use a special attack by hitting 'space'.

Epic War Walkthrough

Epic War is an incredible 'Lord of the Rings' inspired war game that will keep you playing game after game. While the goal of the game isn't really that uncommon in the world of online war games, it still manages to feel interesting, fresh and unique thanks in large part to the level of difficulty it offers and the options that come with the game. In addition, the graphics are some of the best graphics you'll get in an online war game, but it isn't so graphics intensive that slower computers will have a hard time running it. It isn't a complicated game so even newcomers to the war game genre will be able to pick up how the game is played. At the same time, it isn't so simplistic or easy more experienced players won't enjoy playing. It really is a war game that offers something for everyone.

The goal of Epic War is pretty simple - defeat your enemies on each map. To do this you'll need to focus on two things - attack and defense. You need to attack your enemies and destroy their base in order to progress to the next map, but you also need to protect your base from being destroyed. The map will not end until one of the bases is destroyed. You need to do everything you can do to make sure that it isn't your base that is destroyed. If your base is destroyed you lose. If you destroy your enemy's base you will be able to move on to the next map. The key to staying alive in this game is planning a good battle strategy that focuses on defense and attack equally as both are vital.

Your enemy will often outnumber your army in Epic War, but you have a weapon they don't have - a powerful crossbow on your base that can significantly help thin enemy forces. This crossbow can be upgraded and enhanced as you play. Upgrades are vital to your success in this game as they are in most of the other war games online. If you want to make it through to the end of the game, you have to make the most of the upgrades you're offered. You can upgrade your base, your units, the crossbow, and your mana pool as you play, using the experience you earn during battle. Don't ignore the importance of upgrades or you'll find your game comes to a quick end. At the same time, make sure you use your experience wisely. Buy only the upgrades you need immediately instead of simple buying upgrades because you have enough experience. You want to make sure you are able to get the upgrades you need when you need them so wasting those all important experience points definitely won't help you in the long run.

Turrets, traps and barriers are vital to your survival in Epic War. Turrets, traps and barriers help you protect your base and thin the enemy army while you work on sending out units to attack the enemy army and destroy the enemy's base. Finding a balance between attack and defense is the only way to succeed in this game and using the turrets, barriers and traps to the best of their advantage is a key factor in finding that balance. With a solid barrier, a good turret and a few traps laid for the enemies, you can focus more on attacking the enemy base without having to worry about your units getting killed before they even make it to the enemy base.

Many recent online war games have added mana and mana pools to offer special abilities and special upgrades. Epic War is no different. Mana is extremely important in this one though. Instead of just being used for special abilities, mana will be used to summon your units and to build up your base defenses. You always need to consider how much mana you have and how much mana a certain item will cost before you build or summon it. Mana will build up over time but there is a cap on how much mana you can have. While you can purchase upgrades that will extend that cap, you still need to be careful when you spend mana. You don't want to leave yourself undefended waiting for your mana to build. Doing so is a great way to lose a level. While you'll earn mana for killing enemies and while certain enemies will give you more mana when they're killed, you need to have defenses in place to kill those enemies. If you don't, you're a sitting duck waiting to be taken out.

Skills are also a feature that's fairly common in online war games, but once again, your skills are a bit more important in Epic War than they are in most of the other war games online. Your Skills Upgrade Menu offers key information you need to know in order to plan a good battle strategy. Don't just look at the upgrades you can purchase under the skills upgrade menu. Look at all of the information offered to determine your best course of action and what your experience points will be best used on. You can see the units you can summon, your arrow supply, information about your mana pool, and the defenses you have in place for your base on the skills upgrade menu. Look at each of these things carefully and determine whether or not you feel you need to upgrade or improve any of those areas. Choose carefully though. Once you've purchased an upgrade your choice cannot be reset.

Elements aren't a terribly uncommon feature in war games, but as with upgrades and skills, Epic War takes elements to a whole new level. In this game, certain arrows and certain characters have 'elements' attached to them. Elements are special and give the characters and items they're attached to special properties. Certain elements are more effective against certain types of enemies. As you play, you'll get a bit more familiar with what works best against certain enemies or under certain circumstances. It's just a matter of paying attention. For example, if you've upgraded fire arrows they can cause explosions. Upgraded ice arrows can freeze enemies. AS you're looking over your enemy forces, determine whether either of these abilities would come in handy for the circumstance you're facing. These properties can definitely mean the difference between success and failure in battle so make sure you keep them in mind when you're planning your strategy.

One of the best features offered in Epic War is the ability to replay previous maps to earn additional experience points. If you find yourself running low on experience and there is an upgrade you feel you need, go back and play some of the maps you've already completed to build up that experience. If you've already beaten it once, chances are you can beat it again. Don't take this ability for granted. There aren't many war games that offer this ability so use it. In addition, Epic War also allows you to keep half of the experience you earned during a battle if you lose that battle. That definitely makes things easier. If you continuously die on the same map, there may be an upgrade you need that you haven't purchased yet. Look over the available upgrades and try to determine what will help you take out your enemy on the level you've having trouble with. If you don't have the experience you need replay some old battles, earn experience and purchase the upgrade you need. If you still can't get it, look for another upgrade that might help. Keep replaying levels, building experience and purchasing upgrades until you have your victory.