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Epic War 4 Instructions

Select, arrange and move characters using the mouse and the left mouse button.

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The fourth game in the Epic War series, Epic War 4 combines the best elements of its predecessors and adds a few new surprises to keep fans of the series playing and to make new fans for the series. While reaction to the third game in the Epic War series was mixed (at best), this one should definitely silence with improved graphics, a great story and plenty of action to keep even the most experienced player interested from beginning to end.

Your goal in Epic War 4 is pretty simple - get a victory in each and every battle you take on. To do this you will need to arrange your hero and your troops wisely, purchase upgrades and plan a solid battle strategy. If you fail to do anything of these things, you'll have a much harder time making it in the battles. As always, upgrades are extremely important and should not be ignored. At the same time, it's important not to waste gold on upgrades you don't need right away. Save gold so you can purchase the upgrades you need when you need them. As you play, you'll gain a better understanding of what you need and what will work best in any given circumstance. In the beginning though, you might have a hard time knowing what upgrades you need. There's a simple rule of thumb to follow. If there's a specific area you know your army is weak, you need to buy upgrades to strengthen that weakness. Look for those upgrades and focus on getting those first. It's important to have a well rounded army that's strong in every area and picking those weak points and making them stronger is the best way to do that.

During each battle in Epic War 4, you'll earn gold that can be used to purchase upgrades. The upgrade screen in this game is far different than the upgrade screen in most of the other war games online so it might take a little getting used to. Basically, your characters and units are shown in the circles around the upgrade screen. When you hover over the characters and units, the basic stats for the character you're hovering over will pop up in a little box. You'll see the current level as well as how much gold you need to upgrade your character to the next level. This is important information to keep in mind so make it a habit to check the stats of your characters before you begin each battle. That way you always know how much gold you need to collect before your next upgrade is available.

The arrange screen in Epic War 4 is where you will arrange your heroes and your units for battle. It's a good idea to go to upgrades before you arrange your units so you know whether you're able to purchase any new units. You are only able to purchase upgrades, new units and new spells through the upgrades menu. Once you're sure you're ready to get prepared for battle you can go to the arrange screen. The arrange screen is fairly unique to this game so it, like the upgrades screen, will take a little getting used to. Basically you have your layout on the left side of the screen and your units on the right side. If you have any additional equipment, you can also equip your heroes or units through the arrange screen. Equipment is shown at the bottom of the screen. Anything you have at your disposal will be shown in color while items you don't yet possess or have already used will be grayed out. Click on a piece of equipment and then on the unit or hero you want to equip. You'll do basically the same thing with spells, but will first click on the spells icon.

If you've no equipment or spells to use, you'll just be arranging your units for battle through this screen. Some of the slots on the left side are reserved for heroes so you won't be able to place ordinary units there. Plan your arrangement carefully to get the most out of your units during battle. When your hover over a character or hero in this screen, the basic stats of that character or unit will pop up as they would in the upgrade screen but you won't see how much gold you need to upgrade the unit or hero. Pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses (shown at the bottom of the pop up box) of each unit before you arrange it. Positioning is important. It's generally a good idea to put your weaker units in higher numbers out front and then put the stronger ones at the middle and the end. The weaker units will thin out the enemy army and reserve your strongest units for when they're needed most.

When it comes time to do battle in Epic War 4, look for the little red spherical indicators on your map. The red indicators mark where your battles are waiting. When you click on the indicator, you will be taken to the battle screen. The battle screen is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. You have your mana bar at the top which shows you how much mana you have to use. On the left side of the mana bar, you have your health bar. On the right side, you have your enemy's health bar. You win when your enemy's health bar reaches zero. At the bottom of the screen, you have your battle controls. To release a unit into battle, you simply need to click on the unit's icon and click on either the battle map or the mini map. Clicking on the unit's icon a second time will deselect the unit. Do this if you're ready to release another unit or if you want to allow the unit to do battle on its own. If you want to use multiple units, you can do so by clicking on their individual icons one at a time.

Below the unit icons, you have four basic battle controls you can use to control your units; fall back, retreat, march or attack. Clicking assault will order the selected unit or units forward to attack the enemy while clicking fall back will order them to stand back a distance but will not actually order them to retreat. Clicking retreat will return all of the selected units back to your castle to await further instruction. March moves your units forward. You are able to have three heroes in any single battle and each hero can lead two units. You need to be careful with your heroes though. They're, in most cases, your strongest soldier on the battlefield. While they're able to respawn, it takes longer for them to respawn each time they're killed. Use your heroes wisely. They're very valuable units. In addition, you will not be able to release any units under that heroes guidance until he respawns which significantly diminishes the strength of your army as a whole. Keep this in mind. If you need to order your hero to retreat or fallback to ensure his health then do so.

In games like Epic War 4, experience is king. As you play, you'll understand the game a bit better and your battle strategy will improve. Try not to get frustrated with the game. It does take time to get the hang of it. It's a very unique and very complicated game, but it's also one of the best war games online. If you have patience and give yourself time to pick up how the game is played, you'll be rewarded with an excellent game that will keep you hooked.