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Epic War 5: Hell's Gate Instructions

Epic War 5: Hell's Gate is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and the issue orders. The C key selects all non-hero units and the V key selects all units including the hero. Use the escape key to deselect all units. Scroll the screen by using the left and right arrow keys.

Epic War 5: Hell's Gate Walkthrough

Epic War 5: Hell's Gate is the fifth game in the Epic War series of war games. Epic War 5: Hell's Gate features the best graphics in the series to date, thirty new units, twelve main stages, eight extra stages, and five trial stages.

Epic War 5: Hell's Gate gives you the choice of three heroes to choose from, each with their own abilities and spells. Each hero has their own perks, and there is no objectively better choice in this war game. Choose the character that best fits your playing style. I choose Queen Etherica due to her defensive style and healing abilities. Once you have chosen a hero, you cannot choose a different one without starting a new game, so choose wisely! Your progress will automatically be saved after each battle for the hero of your choosing. If you decide to play as the same hero the next time you load up this war game, you will be able to continue from where you left off.

You are given the opportunity to setup your forces before each battle in Epic War 5: Hell's Gate. To do this, click on the Formation button at the bottom of the world map. From here, you may add or remove units from your army. You may also equip units with items that you find or improve the abilities of your hero or units. Come back to this screen after every battle to see what upgrades and new troop types are available.

After you are done setting up your army, you will be ready to enter battle. To issue orders to a unit, click on its portrait at the bottom of the screen, then click on the place where you want that unit to move. You can select multiple units by clicking on each portrait one-by-one. You may also use the V key to select all of your units and the C key to select all units except for your hero. The escape key deselects all units. Additional keyboard shortcuts are available in this war game and will be displayed the first time that you enter a battle. The entire game can be controlled by using only the mouse, but keyboard shortcuts make this war game easier to manage.

If you are a fan of the Epic War series of strategy games, then you will not want to miss Epic War 5: Hell's Gate. Conquer the battlefield and save the world in this pulse-pounding war game!