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Eridani Instructions

Eridani is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Select and order units by using the mouse. Click on unit icons to build them. Use the arrow keys to scroll the map. Use the A key to select all combat ships. Press spacebar to cancel build orders. The P key pauses the game.

Eridani Walkthrough

Eridani is a real-time strategy game taking place in outer space. This war game features an easy-to-use interface, controls that are simple to learn, and thirteen sectors to conquer!

The objective of Eridani is to conquer each of the thirteen sectors. To accomplish this goal, you must establish a base and eliminate all enemies in each without being defeated yourself. You may attack any sector at any time in this war game except for the center sector, which must be saved for last. The first sector that you attack will feature a tutorial that will help you to learn how to play the game. Pay attention to the tutorial, because the lessons therein will be necessary knowledge for the entire duration of this war game.

If you are familiar with RTS games such as StarCraft or Command and Conquer, then you will have a leg up in Eridani. Units are selected by clicking and dragging a box around them. To order units, simply click on where you want them to go or the enemy that you want them to attack. The arrow keys are used to scroll the map.

Construction takes place on the surface of planets. To build structures, you will have to first order the mobile construction ship to deploy on a planet. Since the command center is such an important structure, it is best to deploy it facing away from the enemy. Once the command center is deployed, you can begin building other structures and ships. If you wish to cancel a build order, press the spacebar. Make sure to build some power plants because you will not be able to build units if your power level is zero or lower!

Eridani is a superb science fiction war game with quality gameplay and graphics that are expected fro Ben Olding. Thirteen sectors may seem like a lot to conquer, but the game automatically saves your progress after each level, so you can come back for more later. If conquest is too complex for you, you can also choose to play a skirmish match instead. If you are a fan of real-time strategy games, then you do not want to miss Eridani!