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Ether War Instructions

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control the movement of your ship; aim and shoot with your mouse and left mouse button (hold for auto-fire). Your primary objective is to destroy the brood mother; you secondary objective is to protect the space station at all costs. Hit the spacebar for both upgrade and option menus. The M key toggles sound. Collect green orbs dropped by enemies for upgrades. Watch the radar screen on the bottom-left portion of the screen to scope out enemies.

Ether War Walkthrough

Ether War is a flash game of epic proportions - in it you'll pilot a single ship that'll have to bring down a galactic alien army - headed by the ominous brood mother. Although the brood mother just may be a self-aware cloud of gas, it can still destroy you quickly and easily - or just spawn a ton of underlings to do so.

You'll start out this war game at your home base - a space station. On your radar screen, red dots represent enemies, so follow it to take part in your first skirmishes. For every enemy you kill, a green orb of ether will appear - it's important to gather ether since you can use it to upgrade your ship, purchase special weapons upgrades, and even upgrade ally ships.

Once you venture closer to the brood mother, though, you'll see how strong you really need to get before you can take it on - it's surrounded by four of the biggest enemy ships available, at all times, not to mention the swarm of minor entities constantly buzzing around your ship. You'll only be destroyed if you run out of shield power - and your shield regenerates quickly - so, like other war games, you'll only be destroyed if you're not fighting carefully.

Overall, this war game is a daunting one - at first. Eventually, after destroy and annihilating tons of enemy orbs, you'll have enough ether upgrades to take on the Brood Mother, that is, if your base hasn't been destroyed already. Ether War is a great flash game that leaves you on the edge of your seat; it's great for any gamer that likes earning a victory, because you'll definitely have to put some time in to take out the final boss.