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Faction Wars Instructions

Move left with the left arrow key. Move right with the right arrow key. Move up using the up arrow key. Move down using the down arrow key. You may also use your mouse to navigate through the game by pointing to a spot on the game screen and clicking with your left mouse button. To interact with characters, attack enemies and pick up items, click the character, enemy or item with the left mouse button.

Faction Wars Walkthrough

Faction Wars is a complicated, engrossing RPG war game that doesn't do anything halfway. The graphics are great. The controls are easy to understand and use. The quests are challenging but not so difficult a newcomer to RPG war games will feel overwhelmed by them. Experienced players are going to find this game is a treat to play. The story is intriguing; something many RPG war games strive for but fail to achieve. The premise is simple, but complex at the same time. There is a war and you need to choose sides. Your goal is to figure out who your allies are, take out your enemies and find the pieces of the Heartstone scattered throughout the world. It isn't an easy decision to make and this isn't an easy game but with patience, and practice you will be able to get the hang of it.

Faction Wars offers a fairly basic tutorial that will help beginner RPG war game players get more acquainted with the game. The controls are fairly standard so if you're more experienced with this sort of game, you should have little trouble understanding how to move around or how to interact with characters. The tutorial is more for those who aren't familiar with the basics. The finer points of the game are more or less left out of the tutorial, but it is still more than enough to help newcomers get started. You can turn off tutorials by clicking on the 'menu' button in the center of the bottom of your screen, choosing the 'game' tab and clicking the 'tutorials' button. More experienced players likely won't find them to be much help so turning them off will prevent the pop ups from appearing and distracting you from the game.

One of the hardest parts of any RPG war game simply figuring out what characters do because there are usually so many different types of characters and Faction Wars is no exception. This RPG war game, however, gives you more than the standard indicators or circles and instead uses different shapes to help you identify the different characters you can interact with. You will receive your quests from the Quest Giver who is surrounded in a white circle. The trainer is also important and is surrounded by a light blue square. Visit the trainer to learn new abilities to use during or following battle. The merchant you will purchase important supplies from is surrounded in an orange circle cross formation and finally, the Inn Keeper is surrounded by a dark blue almost snowflake like formation. Visit the Inn Keeper when you have made progress in the game and want to save. You will need to log in to save your progress though.

The world you travel through in Faction Wars is comprised of seven factions; Alliance, Shadow Runners, Merchant's Guild, Mercenaries, Magicians, Blademasters and Trackers. Each faction has its own sworn enemy among the other factions. Alliance and Shadow Runners are sworn enemies. Merchant's Guild and Mercenaries are sworn enemies. Magicians, Trackers and Blademasters are sworn enemies. Each time you complete a quest, you will raise your status with one faction and lower it with another. For example, if you complete a quest to aid Alliance, you will increase your favor with Alliance while lowering your favor with their sworn enemies, Shadow Runners. You will only unlock certain quests when you reach a certain standing with that faction. Each faction offers unique benefits so when you are deciding on a quest, you really need to think about your game as a whole. If you want a certain benefit from a particular faction, you will need to be in good standing with them. Avoid taking quests that will lower that standing. If you don't know where you stand with a particular faction, you can view that information by clicking the menu button and selecting the 'Factions' tab.

As you progress in Faction Wars you will meet new enemies, gain new abilities and improve your battle strategy to help you defeat the enemies in the game and achieve your goal. You gain new attribute points as well which can be used to make your character stronger in just about any way. Instead of using your attribute points to strengthen the weakest points in your character, use your attribute points to make your character stronger where it needs to be stronger. Strength, agility, intelligence and focus are all very important attributes during battle. Focus on making these points of your character stronger first. Armor is, or course, important, as is vitality, but with the your other attributes strengthened you won't need your armor and your vitality quite as much.

Abilities are important in Faction Wars and each ability can be upgraded depending on what level you have reached in the game. You start the game with only one ability - stab. As you upgrade the stab ability, you will enable your character to deliver more damage with a single blow. The second ability that you will unlock is the mend wound ability. You can use this ability following battle to mend your wounds to a certain extent. As you upgrade this ability, you will be able to heal more damage. Shield Bash is a great ability as it allows you to stun your enemy so they can't move or attack, allowing you to deliver more damage and take them out more quickly. As you upgrade Shield Bash, you will be able to deliver more damage with it and your enemy will stay stunned for longer periods of time. The fireball ability allows you to blast an enemy with a fireball. As you upgrade you will be able to deliver more damage with a single fireball. The poison ball ability is also important. It allows you to deliver damage and stun your enemy so they cannot move or attack. As you increase the level of the poison ball, you also increase the damage it delivers and the amount of time the enemy stays stunned. Deathblow is one of the most useful abilities as it allows you to deliver significant damage to a single enemy with a single shot.

OVerall, Faction Wars is an excellent game that will draw you in from the very beginning and keep your attention to the very end. The graphics are what you would expect from an online RPG war game. They're entertaining but not so over the top that the game is slow or doesn't run smoothly. Take a little time to explore the options under 'menu' and to look at what the options are at the bottom of the screen. While experienced players can likely turn off the tutorial without any trouble, novice players should take a little time to read the tutorials so they can have a better understanding of the game. Use your attribute points wisely, work toward unlocking new abilities and use them wisely and you should have little problem with this excellent game.