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Flash Conquerors Instructions

Build your army by selecting soldiers and towers with the mouse and the left mouse button. Upgrade towers by clicking on towers with the left mouse button and selecting upgrades. Move soldiers by clicking soldiers with the left mouse button and then clicking where you would like them to move. Move units by clicking and holding the left mouse button and dragging the green box that appears around the entire unit, releasing the left mouse button and then clicking where you would like to move the unit. Build towers by clicking on the tower you want to build in the 'buildings and units' menu and dragging it into place when it is ready. Fire castle weapon by aiming with the mouse and firing with the left mouse button. Deselect a unit you've selected by pressing 'space'. Pause the game by pressing 'p'. View the 'buildings and units' menu by pressing 'b'. View the 'upgrades' menu by clicking 'u'. Start the next wave by pressing 'n'.

Flash Conquerors Walkthrough

Flash Conquerors is an excellent strategy war game that challenges you to defend your castle and your towers by making smart strategic moves, building a strong army and making sure you don't run out of money. Like many other strategy war games online, upgrades are important if you want to make your army as strong as your enemy's. It isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination but it is a lot of fun and it will keep you hooked from the beginning to the very end. It might be a bit complex for someone who doesn't have a lot of experience with this type of strategy war game, but it isn't impossible. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from - easy, normal and hard - so you should have no trouble finding the kind of challenge you are looking for. Beginners might have a little bit of trouble getting the hang of what is being asked of them but with a little time, patience and practice, even beginners should find improvement.

The basic premise of Flash Conquerors is simple and straightforward. Your castle is being attacked by the enemy and you need to defend it. To defend your castle you need to deploy units of soldiers and build towers to take out the attacking enemy units. As you destroy your enemies you are given money you can use to buy more units, build more towers or upgrade the units and towers you currently have in place. This is what makes the game so difficult. You need to find the balance between building a strong line of defense without spending all of your money so you can't defend yourself during the next wave. As the game progresses your opponent's army gets stronger and stronger, making sure the game stays challenging the whole way through. Once you have enough experience points, you can move on to the next age and build even better towers and units to defend them. Getting to the next age is hard though and will require a good strategy on your part. It might take a while to get the hang of the game, but once you do, you'll have a great time with this excellent war game.

In Flash Conquerors, the best way to plan your attack is to be conservative when you start out and reserve money for when things get more difficult. You are armed with a weapon on top of your castle you can use to eliminate enemy units should you find that you were a bit too conservative when you were planning your army. Swordsmen are great soldiers to deploy in the beginning. They only cost 280 and inflict 10 damage points in attack. Archers are also a great option. They're a bit more expensive at 310 but they also inflict ten damage. They're good for long range combat. Consider deploying a unit of swordsmen with a unit of archers to back them up. They take a bit longer to deploy than swordsmen though, so make sure you have a little time to spare when you're preparing a unit of archers. Knights are the most effective soldiers you have in the beginning of the game. They deliver 18 hit points per attack and offer 200 health, unlike swordsmen and archers which only offer 100. This means knights are twice as hard to kill during battle as swordsmen and archers so they're also beneficial in that way. The downside is they take much longer to deploy and are much more expensive costing 840.

Towers are important in Flash Conquerors. Although you can put your units ahead of the towers, having strong towers will help thin out the enemy unit and make it more manageable for your units. Towers are expensive, but they're well worth the price you'll pay for them simply because they instantly strengthen your defense line. There are two types of towers you can buy at the beginning of the game; the arrow tower and the cannon tower. The arrow tower is the least expensive but is still a fairly strong addition to your defense. You are given two arrow towers when you first start out in the game, but buying more isn't a bad idea at all. Enemy units are going to attack your towers and try to destroy them. Having more than the two you start the game with gives you something to fall back on should one of the other towers fall in battle. Remember, you don't have to place a tower as soon as it's ready. Consider building a tower and just having it on standby in case one of the ones already in place is destroyed. This will keep you from having to wait for it to be ready during battle. The cannon tower is an excellent option as well, but it is significantly more expensive than the arrow tower. It might take you a while to get the fund to buy this tower, but it's well worth the money. The arrow tower only delivers 25 hit points which is much more than your soldiers can deliver but is much less than the 50 hit points the cannon tower delivers. The cannon tower also begins with a max health of 1,500 while the arrow tower only offers max health of 1,000.

The great thing about Flash Conquerors is that the upgrades offered to you are actually incredibly beneficial and easy to access during battle. From the main upgrade menu you can upgrade your castle (the list of upgrades on the left) and your units (the list of upgrades on the right). There is no better way to get ahead in this game than to take full advantage of the upgrades offered to you. With castle upgrades you can repair your castle, upgrade the bank, upgrade the max health of the castle, increase attack damage and increase the rate of fire. All of these things are excellent ways to help defend your castle longer. The unit upgrades will also help you significantly during battle. You can increase the rate of fire, increase how much damage is inflicted during attack, increase the distance of attack, increase the max health of your units and increase how fast units can move. In addition to all of these castle and unit upgrades, you can also upgrade your towers. Towers are your first line of defense against attack so having them upgraded makes your defense much stronger. To upgrade your castles you simply need to click on one of them. You can upgrade the rate of fire, the amount of damage inflicted during the attack, the range of attack and the max health of the tower.

Overall, Flash Conquerors is an excellent strategy war game that any fan of war games needs to try at least once. The different levels of difficulty allow any player to find the challenge they are looking for. Beginners might have a bit of a hard time with this one, even on the easy difficulty setting, but with a little practice they can improve. Remember the importance of upgrades and carefully strategizing and you'll get the hang of it. The graphics are fairly basic, but when the game is this much fun, it hardly matters. The challenge this game offers is definitely what makes it so addictive, but the wealth of upgrades keep the game from being too hard to play. Focus on upgrades, watch your money and have fun. You'll have a blast playing this excellent strategy war game.