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Flash Element TD Instructions

Buy, place, upgrade and sell towers using the mouse and the left mouse button. Show enemy health status by pressing 'h'.

Flash Element TD Walkthrough

Flash Element TD puts a new and entertaining spin on traditional tower defense war games. While most games in this genre place you at the top of a tower on the left side of your screen and require you to eliminate your attackers as they approach from the right side of the screen, this one chooses to do things a little different. You don't directly shoot anyone or anything. Instead, you build and upgrade towers to do the dirty work for you. The basic premise of the game is the same though. You are being attacked by an increasingly difficult to defeat army of various bad guys and you need to defend yourself. It's only the way you go about defending yourself that's different. That's really what makes this game so appealing. The game can be fairly difficult although anyone used to playing strategy war games will likely find this one takes a little while to really get going. For newcomers to this sort of game though, it will be just the right amount of challenging. Once you get into later levels, however, the game becomes challenging enough that even experienced players will have a hard time making it though. It's just a matter of having a little patience in the beginning.

Flash Element TD gives you a path which your enemies will follow and your job is to set towers up along this path to take them out. Buy towers by clicking on the tower you want to purchase on the panel shown on the right side of the screen. Once you've clicked on the tower, you can place it along the path in the grass. You can't place a tower directly on the dirt. When you are preparing to place your tower you'll see a white circle surrounding it. This shows you the range the tower offers. Place your towers so they cover as much of the path as possible. Towers work great on curves in the path as well because they will enable you to fire on the enemy as the enemy approaches, as they path and, if they aren't killed before then, you are able to fire on them as they are passing by on the other side. Set up your towers to work together. Place them so they will fire on enemies together. This will take out your enemies much more quickly.

You have three basic towers to choose from in the beginning of Flash Element TD; arrow towers, cannon towers and air towers. All of these towers are listed under 'basic towers. Arrow towers are the cheapest and offer a fast rate of fire. They also inflict the least amount of damage on your enemy. Cannon towers are the second least expensive tower. They offer more hit points than arrow towers, but they're also much slower. Air towers offer the best of both worlds and offer a rather significant range of attack. Arrow towers are good for land and air attacks while cannons are only good for land attacks and air towers are only good for air attacks. Buy cannon and air towers sparingly as they can come in handy, but the less expensive arrow towers work just as well. If you have enough gold (shown in yellow at the top right of your screen) buy two arrow towers and put a cannon tower between them. You'll benefit from the speedy attack of the arrow towers as well as the strength of attack of the cannon towers.

Below 'basic towers' on the right panel in Flash Element TD you have 'Elemental Towers'. These towers can only be purchased when you've completed research. To complete research you will need to collect wood. Any wood you have collected is shown at the top right of your screen in green. To use wood to do research, simply click on the research you would like to do on the bottom of the panel on the right side. There are three types of research you can do; water, earth and fire. Each type of research opens up the corresponding elemental tower. The Water Tower is a fairly decent tower. It offers more damage than the basic towers and fires fairly quickly. The Earth Tower offers significantly more damage than the Water Tower but it also fires much more slowly. The Fire Tower offers more damage than the Water Tower but less than the Earth Tower. It fires fairly quickly when compared to the Earth Tower but not quite as quickly as the Water Tower. When you have done the research to unlock all three of these towers, you will unlock the Combo Tower. It is much more expensive than any other tower, but it's more than worth its price. It fires fairly quickly, covers a huge range and inflicts significant damage - usually enough on its own to take out an enemy.

In addition to the research you can do, Flash Element TD offers you the chance to increase the interest rate you receive for any money remaining at the end of each level by 15%. Taking this option will cost you one wood and you can choose it by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the right panel; right beside the icons you click to do research. Next to the interest rate boost, you have to option to buy a life for 40 gold. Both of these options are an excellent addition to the game although for different reasons. Instead of doing research to get an elemental tower with the first piece of wood you collect, consider buying the interest rate boost. This will help you amass more money more quickly which can be used to build a stronger line of defense with towers and tower upgrades. The extra life option comes in handy if you're in dire need of an extra life during a particularly grueling level. You'll need to have at least 40 gold and sometimes even then you won't be able to keep from losing the battle. It does buy you a little time though.

In Flash Element TD, you lose a life every time you allow an enemy to reach the end of the path and loop around to the beginning. You don't only lose a life though as you would with most tower defense war games. You also lose gold. This can make it difficult to use the extra life option we mentioned above. The trick is to look at where the enemies are and how much health they have left. If you don't think your towers will be able to take them out and you can't afford to lose the lives, buy the extra life before your enemy even reaches the finish. This way you're assured the gold will be there to cover it. You may end up on the negative side of things in the gold department, but that simply means you'll have to wait to replenish that by killing enemies in the next level.

Upgrades are an important part of a successful defense strategy in Flash Element TD. Different towers can be upgraded in different ways. Some can be upgraded to have a broader range. Some can be upgraded to deliver more damage in an attack. Some can be upgraded to fire more quickly. Upgrades cost gold but depending on your needs and the upgrade available they can be well worth it. To see how much upgrades cost for a specific tower, you will need to buy one of those towers, place it and then click on it. The upgrade information will be shown in the right panel. To deselect a tower, click anywhere on the map. Every tower in the game can be upgraded to level three. Some are significantly more effective when they are upgraded, so they're well worth checking out. For example, the Combination Tower, already the best tower in the game, can be upgraded to fire more quickly making it even more effective.

The best way to advance in this game is to carefully choose your towers, the positions of those towers and what upgrades you should use. GO easy on your gold in the beginning of the game. Up until about level ten, you can get by with four well placed arrow towers and a few upgrades. Save your money for later in the game when you'll need to buy more towers and bigger upgrades. Overall, this is one of the most addictive, engrossing tower defense war games online. It is perfect for any war game fan regardless of experience or skill level. While newcomers will likely find the game difficult it is never so difficult that it feels like it can't be beaten. Alternatively, more experienced war game players may find the game a bit to simple until the game really starts getting going. Remember, though, the levels are fairly short so it won't take you long to get into the harder parts.