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Frontline Defense - First Assault Instructions

Use your mouse to build new towers and upgrade existing towers. Save up the cash you earn from destroying enemies to build more expensive towers - and be sure to look out for enemy runners that are only affected by certain towers. Click on the 'automatic wave' button to have waves start as soon as you've finished the last one off.

Frontline Defense - First Assault Walkthrough

Like any other tower defense game, Frontline Defense - First Assault has towers that you can build and upgrade. They're divided into unique types that will have advantages on some enemies - and some that will not. Unlike other tower defense games, First Assault has a war game theme. Instead of medieval towers, or futuristic towers, you'll be building military towers - although some of them aren't that realistic (the ice tower, for instance).

You'll start the game at the overworld map - there, depending on how far you are, you'll be able to select a level. There are three difficulty settings to choose from, but if you haven't played the game before (or any tower defense game, for that matter) you should go with easy. An ample amount of money is given at the start of a level, and you'll make money by destroy enemy runners.

There's a speed up button you can press to hurry up enemy waves - it makes the pace of the game much quicker. Also, there's a 'next wave' button that you can click on that will automatically send the next wave of enemy runners at you - but only click on it if your defenses can take it. It's also a good idea to upgrade your existing towers before you purchase new ones - since upgraded towers are much more effective than newer ones.

If you like war games and tower defense gameplay, then you'll love Frontline Defense - First Assault. The game offers tons of levels, that is, if you can complete them - all of varying difficulties. There's not much more you could want in this war game; it'll keep you busy for quite a while.