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FWG Knight Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Jump using 'w'. Change weapons using 's'. Attack using 'j'. Use special attack using 'k'. Any of the controls can be changed by choosing 'instructions' from the main menu and then choosing 'key settings'. Pause the game by pressing 'p'.

FWG Knight Walkthrough

FWG Knight is one of the most entertaining war games online simply because there are really no levels to beat and no complicated rules to follow. This game is all about slaying dragons and their henchmen and surviving as long as you can. There is no way to beat the game and there is no big pay off for your hard work aside from the potential to beat your high score but in reality, that's what makes this game so incredibly addictive. The goal of the game is simple. The rules are simple. The graphics are entertaining but not so over-the-top that the game doesn't play smoothly. This war game is heavy on the war and light on the story, but that's what makes it so intriguing. While so many other war games online require a lot of strategy and careful planning, this game is just about killing and surviving. There is quite a bit of blood, but it's not done in a way that will offend those with more delicate sensibilities. There are far gorier war games online. There are far more difficult war games online. This one is just all about having fun and enjoying the ride while it lasts.

The basic premise behind FWG Knight couldn't be more basic. Your kingdom has been invaded by monsterous dragons and their cruel and evil minions. They are wreaking havoc and it is your job to take them out before they take over completely. To take out these invaders you basically just need to slash and stab everything in your path. You're going to die. There's no way around that. This isn't a mission you can win. You simply need to take out as many dragons and minions as you can before you take the big dirt nap. Each enemy you kill gives you points. Hit multiple enemies at once for a 'slaughter bonus'. Your goal is to survive as long as you can and get a high score. You are armed with two weapons; a sword and a lance. You'll need to hit each enemy several times to kill it regardless of which weapon you are using. You start the game equipped with your sword. The sword is great for taking out single enemies, small or scattered groups of enemies and dragons and is best used for close range combat. Use the lance to take out enemies attacking in a group. The lance is really the best weapon for taking out large numbers of enemies at a time and for longer range combat.

In FWG Knight, the best way to make the game last longer and get a high score is to run toward single enemies or scattered groups and attack them with your sword. Allow a group to build up behind you, but keep running with your sword slashing. When you've gotten rid of all the single enemies, switch to your lance, turn and attack the group of enemies with it. You'll get the slaughter bonus and get rid of enemies a lot faster. Keep an eye out for the enemies that shoot at you though. They can inflict a fair bit of damage. It's usually a good idea to try to take out the shooting enemies first. Dragons are a bit tricky to deal with. They fly at you, shoot at you and generally do everything they can to take you out while you are still being attacked by their minions. Try to take out the dragons as quickly as possible. They do the most damage and they're the hardest to kill. It's the combination of the sheer number of enemies that attack and how hard it can be that makes this game so hard, but it is also what makes it so addictive.

Overall, FWG Knight is, without a doubt, one of the most addictive war games online. It's difficult. It's intense. It's fast paced. It challenges you to best your own score. This is really a war game that can be played by anyone regardless of skill or experience level with this sort of game. Someone who has never played a war game before can start this one and do just as well as someone who is an avid player of war games. The challenge of the game is more than enough to satisfy even the most experienced player and will keep you coming back game after game. Each time you'll want to get a higher score and last longer. This is a game that any war game fan, or any fan of fun and engrossing games for that matter, should play at least once.