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Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe Instructions

Use your mouse to control the movement of your ship. Use pulse by clicking the left mouse button. Access the upgrades store by pressing 'space'.

Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe Walkthrough

In Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe, you find yourself waking up in a world under attack and your only option is to get out. You are loaded into a ship that controls gravity and can help you defend yourself against alien ships, asteroids and a wide range of other obstacles that will make escaping your doomed planet a lot more difficult. Your ship is the gray circle surrounded by a light blue circle which will be your shield. You need to avoid being hit by any enemy crafts or objects as every hit you take will damage your shield. Lose your shield and your health will follow quickly. The status bar for your health and the status bar for your shield are shown at the upper left corner of the game screen. Your health is the green bar with a heart after it. Your shield is the blue bar with the shield after it. Keep an eye on both of these things. If you run out of health, your game is over. Directly above your health and shield bars, you'll see your score and how many credits you have. Credits are incredibly important as you'll be using those to by upgrades which are equally as important. Without upgrades, you won't get far in this game at all. Although it can be a little unnerving to look up and see your shield is almost gone, try to avoid taking damage for a moment or two. It will replenish if you can avoid taking damage. The best way to avoid taking damage is to stop trying to destroy enemies for a moment or two and instead focus on avoiding them.

Moving your ship around isn't really all that difficult and neither is avoiding enemies; at least not in the beginning of the game. What will take a little getting used to in Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe is the comet attached to your ship. You will be using the comet to destroy your enemies, but that is no short order. The comet is a yellow ball that will first appear in the center of your ship. As you move though, so to will the comet. To use it to destroy enemies you will need to swing it sort of like an medieval warrior would swing a mace. The only real difference is you'll be using your mouse to do it. I would recommend playing through the tutorial level to get the idea of how the comet is used. Even so, you're likely going to have to play around with the game for a little while before you really get the hang of it.

When you are swinging your comet, it will stay attacked to your ship by a light colored string sort of substance. This is a sort of visual representation of gravity. You'll see a large circular area surrounding the comet when it is not in the center of your ship. This is the range of the pulse; a powerful weapon you can use that will form a momentary black hole in space and deliver damage to any enemies in the range of the pulse. Use it wisely though. Your pulse takes a moment or two to recharge. Generally speaking, your comet will be enough to take out most enemies, but as the enemies get tougher, you'll need to start using your pulse more often. Get used to using it in the earlier levels when you don't need it as badly so you'll be more familiar with it when you'll need to be able to use it more quickly.

There are several different types of enemies in Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe. The orange triangles are drone ships. They're basically flying bombs. They can be difficult to take out as often groups of them will appear at once. Try to get your comet into the center of the group to take as many of them out as possible at once. The orange objects that look somewhat like barbells are blobs of magnetic plasma. Take them out as fast as you can or they'll follow your ship until there is a collision. The collision will destroy the blobs, but it will also damage your shield. Asteroids, the large rocks, will break into pieces when you hit them. You'll then have to break up or avoid the pieces. The gray tube with orange on the top and bottom is the Bombarder. This enemy will fire plasma balls at you that will damage your shield. Take these out as fast as possible as they cause a fair bit of damage to your shield. The gray half moon is the Laser Bomber. These are kamikaze drones that will fire a red laser that will seek you out and damage your shield. The gold bricks are Force Bricks that will enclose you and damage your shield when you hit them. Magna-Comets mimic the movement of your own comet making them quite hard to get rid of. If you hit any of these enemies, you will sustain damage to your shield. Take out any enemies that shoot at you first as they pose the biggest threat. With Magna-Comets try to use your pulse. It might take a few tries, but you should be able to take them out that way.

Upgrades should be a vital part of any battle strategy in Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe. You will need to collect experience particles to purchase upgrades. These particles, small light blue shapes, are released by enemy ships or objects you've either hit or destroyed. You'll need to move your ship or your comet over these particles to collect them. When you get close enough, though, they will be sucked to either your ship or your comet making them easier to collect. Use the particles you've collected to purchase upgrades in the upgrades store. You can upgrade your max health which will allow you to take more damage before you run out of health, shield strength which will help your shield last longer, shield regeneration rate which reduces the amount of time it takes for your shield to regenerate, ship damage which will allow your ship to inflict a greater amount of damage on enemies, comet damage which increases how much damage your ship inflicts on enemies, pulse area which increases the range of your pulse allowing you to target a wider area of enemies at once, pulse charge speed which reduces the amount of time it takes for your pulse to recharge and pulse damage which increases how much damage the pulse inflicts on enemies. Each upgrade can also be upgraded to level three for even greater benefit.

Overall, Galaxy Wars: For The Sake Of The Universe is an excellent war game that will test your skills and your patience from beginning to end. The real joy of playing this war game over the other war games online lies simply in the fact that this game is so much different that the other ones, yet not so different at all. The controls are much different and will take some getting used to and the graphics are different, but it's the same basic premise. You're under attack and you need to take out enemies to defend your base, or your ship in this case. It still has all of the elements that make war games so addictive but puts a new spin on them so this game doesn't wind up feeling like more of the same. When you run out of health you are given the option of returning to the main menu where you can start from level one, starting over from the beginning of the level you died in or picking up right where you left off when you died, facing the same enemies with all of the upgrades you purchased throughout the level intact. It will cost you 10% of your score but it can be well worth it if you're fairly far along in the game. This is an excellent, highly addictive game anyone who loves war games needs to play.