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Genghis Khan Instructions

Select country to attack using the left mouse button. Buy soldiers by clicking the soldier you want to purchase with the left mouse button, dragging it to the staging area with the mouse. Place the soldier by releasing the left mouse button. Move soldiers placed in the staging area by clicking and dragging the soldier using the mouse and the left mouse button. To hold units back from attacking, left click the unit you want to hold back and press 'h'.

Genghis Khan Walkthrough

Genghis Khan is perhaps one of the most addictive and intriguing strategy war games online. The premise of the game is simple, the controls are basic and the rules are easy to understand. Without a good battle plan, though, this game is anything but easy. Although there are several different difficulty settings to choose from, even 'Beginner' (the easiest setting) poses quite a challenge. You need to be able to use logic, careful planning and reasoning if you want to achieve your goal. What is your goal? To create the biggest empire in the world by any means necessary. This game is all about attack and conquer. If you've ever dreamed of world domination - or just want a fun, engrossing and difficult game - this is definitely a game you need to play.

In this game you take on the role of Genghis Khan. It is the dawn of the 13th Century and you want to expand your empire. To do this, you need to invade neighboring countries. When you start out in the game, you are given a map and need to choose a country you want to invade. Clicking on the country will tell you what type of terrain your army will be faced with as well as what that country's strengths and weaknesses are. Choose carefully. In the beginning of the game you have only a limited amount of gold - $400 in total - so you don't really have the means to take on stronger countries. Attack smaller, weaker countries first so you can amass more money to build a stronger army. Keep in mind, you aren't able to choose any country on the map to invade. You are only able to attack countries that border countries you have already conquered. If you aren't sure what countries those are, click around the map. If you're not able to invade a country, you will get a message telling you so. Move on to another country and try again. Once you've gotten an idea of what countries you can invade, start looking at missions.

In Genghis Khan you are given a variety of missions to choose from; some that are easy and some that are quite a bit harder. To access the list of missions available to you, click on the 'missions' button at the bottom left side of the map. A list of missions will appear and you will choose your mission from that list. Hover your mouse over each mission to see which one you want to try. You'll see a list of countries that must be conquered in order to complete that mission as well as the level of difficulty each mission has been rated. Take into account how long you have been playing the game, how well you understand what the game is asking of you and what countries you are already able to invade on the map. If the mission requires you to attack a country you don't yet have the means to conquer, choose another mission. Once you've selected your mission, all of the countries you need to conquer to complete that mission will be marked with an 'm' on your map. As you conquer the countries, the 'm' will change to a check mark. This will help you keep track of your progress and how far you've left to go before your mission is complete. Choose the country you want to invade first then click the 'fight' button at the bottom right of the screen. It's now time to attack and, hopefully, conquer.

Before you even place your first soldier, make sure you check out your opponent's force. At the bottom of the battle screen you'll see a scroll bar. Click the scroll bar and drag it toward the right of the screen until you see your enemy's army. Look over what they have for soldiers, what level each soldier is and how their formation is laid out. Return to your staging area (just scroll in the other direction) and start planning your attack. Plan wisely. You need an army that is strong enough to take out your opponent, while still leaving yourself enough money to invade the next country. The soldiers you can buy are shown at the top left of the screen, the points you've earned in the game are shown in the center of the top of the screen and your gold is on the top right. To buy units, just click and drag them into the staging area (the green area in the center of the screen). Carefully choose what soldiers you want to buy and base your decision on what your enemy has in their army. Look at what level their soldiers are. Higher level soldiers deliver a stronger attack so make sure you take that into consideration when you're building your army. Hover your mouse over the units before you purchase and reference the panel that appears on the right side of the screen. That panel will offer you all the information you need to know about the unit you are consider; price, hit points, max health, strengths and weaknesses. Once a unit is placed on the staging area you can upgrade that unit to make it stronger. Just click on the unit and click on the upgrade button that appears in the panel on the right. Upgrading does cost money though, so make sure you consider that. Remember, building a strong army is great, but wasting money on soldiers and upgrades you don't need will only hurt you in the long run.

Every soldier that survives a battle will receive experience points which will help them reach higher skill levels which in turn gives them a stronger attack. Keeping your soldiers alive as long as you can will definitely benefit you in the long run. You're also able to hold back some of your soldiers. You'll get bonus points for any soldiers you don't use during your attack as well as a bonus for any money you don't use to purchase soldiers or upgrades. After your soldiers are placed and you've made any upgrades you want to make, choose your attack mode (shown at the top right of the screen). There are five attack modes to choose from; normal, aggressive, berserker, defensive and tactical. Hover your mouse over each attack mode to get more information about that mode and choose whichever one you feel fits the circumstance best. Each attack mode has it's own strengths and weaknesses so choose carefully. If you lose the level, you will be given the chance to try another battle. You'll have the army and the money you had before you lost. Consider trying attacker a smaller or a weaker country to build up more money or trying to upgrade the soldiers you already have. If you click retreat, however, you will end the battle with what you have at the time of retreat. Remember, if you feel you are losing a battle and you have enough gold to buy more units, you can add new units even after battle has begun. They will automatically be help back so you'll need to place them and then press 'h' to deploy them.

Overall, Genghis Khan is an awesome strategy war game that really challenges you to think carefully about each move you make. The only way to get through this game is to think ahead to future attacks. You need to build a strong army, but you also need to reserve your gold to make sure you can keep your army strong for future battles. As you progress in the game, you will need to strengthen your army more and more - upgrade your units more and deploy more units - if you want to complete your mission. Take a moment to read through the instructions (just select instructions from the main menu) to learn more about the game before you begin playing. The instructions leave out some of the finer points of the game, but you should have no problem getting the hang of it after a few plays. This is one of the best war games online simply because it is a game anyone can play. Beginners will be able to catch on to the rules and controls of the game; getting better at the actual strategizing in the game the longer they play. Experienced players will appreciate the wealth of features and the challenge the game presents. This is definitely a game worth playing. Just don't be surprised when you find yourself going back for more game after game.