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GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars Instructions

Move your ship using the mouse. Fire asteroids using the left mouse button. When available, rotate left using 'a' and right using 'd'. Activate shield using 'w' when available. Drop gluetron bomb using 's' or down arrow key when available.

GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars Walkthrough

GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars is one of the best arcade war games on the internet simply because it manages to be challenging without feeling impossible. Even when you lose a level, you feel that you were just about to beat it which gives you drive to keep playing. This is one of the things that makes the game so incredibly addictive. Take a little time to read the story between levels. It will provide you with information about new enemies you will face so you are prepared. Even armed with that information, though, this game is incredibly difficult and will certainly keep you on your toes. It isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but the controls are fairly basic so even newcomers to arcade war games will be able to get the hang of how the game is played without much trouble. Experienced players of this type of game might find the beginning a bit too easy, but the difficulty level increases as the game progresses and it gets much more difficult rather quickly. This might pose a bit of a problem for those having trouble with the game, but you are able to retry a level as many times as you need to, keeping the money you earned during the level each time. Use your money to upgrade your ship. It will make getting through a tricky level a bit easier.

The basic premise of GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars is simple. You have a GlueFO Mark III ship which comes equipped with the GlueVex 3000 force field generator. You need to collect tiny asteroids with your GlueVex force field and use them to split larger asteroids or destroy enemy ships. A good rule of thumb to follow in this game is that if it isn't your ship, you need to shoot tiny asteroids at it. In order to collect the tiny asteroids which become your ammunition, you simply need to bump into them using your ships force field. Don't run into any larger asteroids or you will lose life. Enemy ships are also to be avoided. Enemy ships will be trying to collect the tiny asteroids before you can get to them. Don't let them. If you do, they will shoot the tiny asteroids at you. If you're hit, you lose health. If you run out of health your game is over. You can see how much health you have left by looking at the display bar at the bottom left of your screen. The good news is that running out of health does not mean you're back to the beginning of the game; merely the beginning of the level. This is just one aspect of the game that sets it apart from other arcade war games online, and one you'll definitely appreciate in later levels that are harder to get through.

Every time you split an asteroid in GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars, you'll see little gold dollar signs appear. Move your ship over these dollar signs to collect them. You can use the money you collect to buy upgrades that will make the game a little bit easier. It gets harder to collect the money as you progress and more enemies appear on the screen, but upgrades are of vital importance in this game. Collect as many as you can even if it means you have to take on a little damage. If you're careful and keep an eye on how much health you have, taking a hit or two to collect money is worth it. There are a multitude of things you can upgrade in this game, as is the case with most of the other strategy war games online, and with this game, they're just as important. You can upgrade the speed of your ship, the max health of your ship so you can take more hits before you run out of health, the asteroid vacuum which will draw the little asteroids to you faster, the harvest efficiency so the money signs you collect will be worth more, the velocity of the tiny asteroids that your fire, and improve the heat seekers allowing them to more precisely target enemy ships and asteroids. You can also buy rotational thrusters so you can turn your ship to target asteroids easier, a health recharge which will help regenerate health points, an ore vacuum which will draw dollar signs to your ship so you can collect them more easily, a shield which offers protection from enemies for a short time when used (by hitting 'w' or the up arrow key), a GlueTron bomb which will deliver one hit point to all asteroids on the screen, and smart seekers which will help the tiny asteroids you fire target enemy ships before asteroids when possible to significantly increase your defense. Both the shield and the GlueTron bomb can only be used once though. When purchased, they will carry over from level to level until they are used at which point you will have to purchase them again. Save them for the extremely difficult levels at the end.

As far as the upgrades in GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars go, upgrade your harvest efficiency and ship speed first. Harvest efficiency will help you gather money for additional upgrades much more quickly and increasing the speed of your ship will help you significantly with the control of your ship. Upgrade your ship's health next and then your heat seekers. You don't have to max these things out in the beginning but by the end of the game you should have all of your upgrades maxed out and own all of the items you can buy. This won't necessarily mean you can beat the game. It will still take time and patience, but it's worth it and the game is entirely beatable. When you do, you'll be rewarded with a nice cash price and your very own planet to retire on. You will have to defeat one of the hardest enemies I've ever seen to get to the end though, but don't worry. Focus on staying either above or below the enemy and focus on making sure you avoid any shots he fires. If you can, avoid letting him reach any of the tiny asteroids in the level and you should do fine. In the very final level, you have to face off against all of the different enemy ships you've encountered along the way. Focus on the toughest bad guy and worry about the lesser ones when he is taken out. It isn't easy, but it's not impossible.

Overall, GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars is an excellent arcade war game that will challenge you to think fast and stay on your toes. While it isn't going to be an easy battle, it is a lot of fun and is also incredibly addictive. The story is interesting and the reward at the end is a nice touch. Beginners might have a little difficulty getting through the levels, but they'll also have a lot of fun. You can choose to try 'Survival' mode before you take on a campaign. If you're having trouble, that might be the better way to go. Survival mode is fast paced and intense, but it also gives you the chance to get the hang of the controls. Whether you're a fan of arcade games, strategy games or war games, this one is well worth a try.