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Gummy War Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move and jump; aim and shoot with your mouse and left mouse button. Avoid gummies as much as possible; when they hit you there's a fair amount of knockback. As the levels go on, you'll face bosses, new types of alien gummies, and find powerful weapon upgrades.

Gummy War Walkthrough

If you've played any other war game before, then you'll know what to do in a game like Gummy War: shoot, shoot, and even if you think it's already dead, shoot some more. The enemies you'll be facing, the gummies, are not only tough, but they can move quickly - and it takes a lot of firepower to kill a single one. Not only will you have to be careful, but the controls in the game don't well - and even if your character is standing on grass, sometimes it can be like walking on ice.

But that's what makes this war game more hectic than others - not only are you trying to fight off the invading gummies, but you're trying to control your character as well. As the rounds go on, you'll fight off different gummies in different environments - along with the necessary power ups. But the bosses you'll have to face will only get more difficult, too.

The first level consists of a grassy area with blob gummies - they'll appear by flying down from the top of the screen, so try not to get hit right when the level starts. Since your gun won't have any power ups in the first level, the enemies are quite difficult - but don't let that discourage you. The boss, a giant blob gummy, has a few forms, but if you keep a steady aim, he'll be gone in no time.

All in all, Gummy War is a fun shooter and war game - it's mindless, it's anything but boring, and it can be very difficult. If you're just looking for a quick flash game to play, then Gummy War is your best bet. Great graphics, great power ups, and unique enemies are just a few of the things you'll have to look forward to.