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Gun Nomads Instructions

Move, jump, and crouch with the WASD keys; use your mouse to aim and shoot at raiders. Hit the R key to reload once you've run out of ammo, and hit the G key to throw a grenade - although you'll only get 10 per mission.

Gun Nomads Walkthrough

In a post-apocalyptic world it's solely up to you, the hero, to stop the dangerous blood raiders from attacking the republic of Arizona. Armed to the teeth with grenades, machine guns, and even energy pulse weapons, you'll have to accept low survival-rate missions one after another to put an end to the terror.

At least, that's what the game promises. Based on the popular Fallout franchise, Gun Nomads is a loose RPG war game with a huge scrollable map, plenty of missions and a great storyline - if you want to follow it. In all actuality, you won't even have to read dialogue when accepting missions, since the objective of most can be put into one sentence (look at your status bar at the top of the screen during a mission). Although some missions require you to retrieve an item, usually all require some amount of killing - so you can't go wrong if you run into any mission guns blazing.

You'll start Gun Nomads out on an overworld screen. From there, you'll be able to go to the shop - where you'll find weapons and armor (what's available usually depends on your reputation), and the mission screen, where you'll be able to accept random or storyline missions. You'll also be able to scroll the whole map or the republic of Arizona, and if you'd like, you can raid any town or raider camp as you see fit. Although it's not suggested - when you die, the medical and ammo bills can be expensive.

If you die during a mission, you won't have to pay any bills, you'll just have to try the mission again. When you do complete a mission, you'll have to pay a small sum of medical bills, but you'll also be rewarded - and be able to purchase new arms and armor.

As long as you keep covered while fighting enemy raiders, and use lots of grenades, you shouldn't die too many times in this war game. With great graphics, great gameplay, and lots of replay value, Gun Nomads is one futuristic war game you won't want to miss.