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Hands Of War Instructions

Mouse aims and shoots, WASD moves, 12345 are skill hotkeys.

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You are a single adventurer in a land full of warriors who are of various factions, all of them out for the blood of the others to conquer the country, this is the premise of Hands of War.

Hands of War gives you three heroes to choose from, the warrior, mage, and ranger. Warrior has the best melee strength and can survive exceptionally well in a fight, mage possesses low melee abilities but powerful attack spells, and the ranger has crowd control. Your character is largely neutral at the beginning, but you can be part of any of the factions in the land of Hands of War.

The first organization in Hands of War is The Alliance, who are made up of guards and citizens of the Free Cities, who are at odds with the Shadow Runners, brigands and thieves with violent ways of life and utilizers of dark magic.

The Merchant's Guild is the group responsible for trade among the Free Cities, taking no sides among any of the cities and their only love is for money. The Mercenaries are the enemy of the Merchants, though called mercenaries, they are nothing but bandits who attack the Merchants.

The last three are class centric, one for each of the hero types in Hands of War. The Trackers are a group of rangers, the Magicians are a group of... magicians, and the Blademasters are warriors in mail with steel, they are all against one another seeing the others as cowards, lacking in skill, or primitive in some fashion.

Your alliances are determined by your actions. Killing members of rival factions will decrease your standing with them and improve it with their rivals, as will doing quests from their more elite members.

Your character is a lone being with a basic weapon at the start, but is still capable of handling himself. When you click, your selected action, be it attacking or a spell, will be charged up and performed. Each ability has its costs, delay, and cooldowns, if these are not met, you can't perform the attack.

Killing enemies and doing quests grants items, gold, and EXP. Several NPCs around the world train certain classes in their skills when they reach the appropriate level and for a small price. EXP given is quite low so be prepared to invest some time into it. As you gain the approval of factions, more quests open up from the quest givers.

While doing quests and adventuring, you can find items dropped by enemies to give yourself an edge. Items sometimes have requirements of levels like skills do, so there isn't much benefit to cherry-tapping high level enemies.

Keep in mind your enemies aren't completely stupid, and attacking one can alert all the others close to his position, resulting in multiple enemies taking you on at once.