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Heliguardian War Instructions

Play the game using the mouse and the left mouse button or by using keyboard shortcuts. Create different types of units with number keys 1-8. Scroll to the right using the right arrow key. Scroll to the left using the left arrow key. Use a special attack by pressing 'space'. Upgrade your money stock by pressing 'q'. Build a turret (when available) by pressing 'w'. Build side turrets (when available) by pressing 'e'. Build a trap by pressing 'a'. Build a barrier by pressing 's'.

Heliguardian War Walkthrough

Heliguardian War is an excellent strategy based tower defense war game that has all of the features you've come to expect from this genre and so much more. With eight different types of helicopters and nineteen total upgrades this game is one of the most engrossing war games online simply because there is always something beyond your overall goal to strive for. The game has a fairly basic premise that isn't terribly unique in this genre but manages to avoid the common trapping that most games fall victim to - being stale and boring. Despite the fact that it isn't really breaking any new ground, it still feels fresh and new as you play and the reason for that lies in where the game differs from most of it's contemporaries. There are nineteen battlefields and for different environment schemes. Add to that the different kinds of helicopters and the upgrades and you have a game that goes just a step further than most other games of its kind and the results are terrific. Without sacrificing the difficulty expected in this genre or the premise that keeps people coming back for more, this game has managed to offer something out of the ordinary. This is a game that any fan of tower defense war games is going to love.

The premise in Heliguardian War is simple. You are at war. You have a tower to defend and a tower to destroy. Your goal is every bit as simple. Survive the attacks of your enemies, destroy their tower and complete all of the maps to win the game. The trick of the game is that in most cases, your enemy will simply have more troops on the field than you do. All is not lost, though. Being out numbered isn't the same as being beaten. You simply need to build the strongest army you can and take advantage of all of the special attacks your tower offers. As you progress in the game and earn more money you will be able to buy several upgrades that will make it much easier for you to achieve your goals. You can upgrade just about every important aspect of the game. You can purchase upgrades for your army units, for your tower and for how fast your money regenerates. All of these things are not only great additions to the game but are absolutely vital if you want to win. You need to make sure you upgrade everything you can upgrade. I would recommend focusing on money regeneration at first. This allows you to build money more quickly to send out more units and buy more upgrades which you will need to do to defeat your enemy. You need money in this game and the money regeneration upgrades are the best way to amass it.

Earning money in Heliguardian War is fairly simple but so is spending it. Keep an eye on what you're spending. While your money does regenerate on its own, it does take time and it only regenerates to a certain point. You don't want to leave yourself waiting on that money regeneration and leave yourself vulnerable to attack in the meantime. Everything costs money. That's true in life and it's true in this game. You need money to deploy units and to build base defenses. You'll also need money for those all important upgrades we talked about a moment ago. The good news is, you can earn money while you're playing through a level. You get money for killing off your enemies - the stronger the enemy, the bigger the payday. Even so, it's a good idea to keep an eye on your money situation while you are building your defense. You need to be cautious and leave yourself enough money to adequately defend yourself.

What really sets Heliguardian War apart from most of the other tower defense war games online is that you can use the experience you gain like you use the money you game; albeit for slightly different things. Experience points can be used in the 'Skill Upgrade Menu' to buy new units, buy new skills or to upgrade units and skills you already have. All of these things help you in battle significantly. The best thing is that while you aren't able to reset a decision once you've used your experience points, you can go back and replay old missions to gain more experience. In addition, you will keep half of the skills you have earned during battle if you lose so you will receive experience points in every battle regardless of the outcome.

The key to doing well in Heliguardian War is to find the right balance between offence and defense. You will not pass a level until you have destroyed your enemy's base, but you will lose the level if you allow your base to be destroyed. You need to focus on defending your base while attacking your enemy's base and that isn't always easy; especially when you also need to keep an eye on how much money you have to spend. Upgrades play a huge roll in both areas of the game so make sure you upgrade whenever you can. This isn't an unbeatable game. Experienced players will be able to find the challenge they are looking for while novice players won't feel completely overwhelmed by the difficulty of the game. This isn't the most difficult tower defense war game online, but it is challenging and it is also a lot of fun. Everything in the game works together to create a unique and intriguing game experience that anyone can enjoy.