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Heroes Battle Instructions

Heroes Battle is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Move the mouse to the edges of the screen to scroll the camera.

Heroes Battle Walkthrough

Heroes Battle is a straightforward war game using characters and units from games produced by Belugerin Studios such as Age of Defense and Battle Gear. This strategy game features simple controls, epic music, and a variety of upgrades.

The objective of Heroes Battle is to eliminate all of your enemy's units before yours are eliminated. Units will automatically spawn from both sides of the battlefield and commence battle when they come into range. If you defeat the enemy, then you will advance to the next battle, which will be more challenging than the last. If you lose, you have the option of restarting the previous battle or starting over from the beginning. There is no saving in this war game.

Heroes Battle does not give you much of an explanation of what is going on in the game, so I will explain the key concepts here. You do not directly issue orders to units in battle. Units will control themselves and automatically begin fighting when they are in range of the enemy. The only control that you have over the outcome of each battle in this war game are the upgrades that you buy and the special abilities that you activate. There are six special abilities activated by clicking the buttons in the row above the battlefield. These may only be used once in the entire game, however, so don't waste them!

After each battle, you are given the chance to upgrade your forces. You may unlock new units, upgrade existing units, or increase the number of units that you field. Both quality and quantity are important in this war game, but it is better to have a moderate number of quality units than a large army of inferior units. I advise you to upgrade your army size to at least one hundred by the third battle and to upgrade the quality of your units, especially those from Battle Gear, since they tend to be ranged units. Upgraded ranged units are excellent for mowing down enemies!

Heroes Battle is a a straightforward and addicting war game that doesn't require the use of fancy tactics. If you are a war gamer that prefers to leave the fighting to the grunts, then you will love Heroes Battle!