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Heroes Battle 2 Instructions

Heroes Battle 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. Move the mouse to the edges of the screen to scroll the camera.

Heroes Battle 2 Walkthrough

Heroes Battle 2 is the sequel to the war game, Heroes Battle. Not much has changed in this sequel; the same graphics, music, and general gameplay from the first are present.

The objective of Heroes Battle 2 is to wipe out the enemy army and prevent your own demise. Your units advance from the left side of the screen while enemy units advance from the right. When all enemies are destroyed, you will advance to the next level of this war game, where the enemy will have a more powerful army to face. If you are defeated, you will have the opportunity to restart the battle that you lost or start the entire game from its beginning. Like its predecessor, Heroes Battle 2 does not feature a saving system.

If you have played the first Heroes Battle, then there is nothing new to learn in Heroes Battle 2. The gameplay is exactly the same. Units will advance and attack on their own will, so you do not have to worry about issuing orders. The only effect that you can actually have in combat is the use of powerups. To activate a powerup, click its button in the row of buttons above the battlefield. Like in its predecessor, powerups can only be used once throughout the entire course of this war game, so only use them when necessary!

The only major change in Heroes Battle 2 is the upgrade system. The same units are available to be unlocked and upgraded, and you can still increase the size of your army. This war game gives you more money for completing each battle, however, effectively making it easier than its predecessor. Battle Gear units still win the day in this war game, so I advise you to concentrate your upgrades on them.

If you enjoyed the first Heroes Battle, then you should enjoy Heroes Battle 2 because they are just about the same game! If you have beaten the first and didn't find it difficult, then you should probably avoid this version of the war game since it is easier.