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Heroes of War Instructions

Heroes of War is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with the game's interface, make selections, and move your heroes by using the mouse.

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Heroes of War is a strategy game that is suspiciously similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic series. This war game features four factions, a large variety of creatures to fight with and against, and turn-based gameplay.

The goal of Heroes of War is to defeat the other three warlords and become ruler of the kingdom. To accomplish this feat, you will have to explore the land, collect resources, upgrade your castle, and amass a powerful army. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each turn, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

You have the choice of four factions in this war game: Knights, Vampire, Barbarian, or Magician. Knights focus on balanced units and high defense in their upper tier units. Lots of wood and gold are required to field Knight armies. Vampires field armies of undead units that use resources that are rarer than wood and ore, so they may be difficult to build a large starting army with. Magicians focus on magic and ranged units. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, but for the most part, they are well-balanced.

Heroes of War can be an addictive strategy game, but it is not for everyone. Some gamers might prefer constant action to the turn-based gameplay offered here. Fans of the Heroes of Might and Magic series may appreciate the similarities between this war game and the series (the first three game of the Heroes series anyway), but they will be disappointed by some of the omitted features. There is no way to scroll the map except by moving your hero, there is no spell-casting, and worst of all the Vampire faction (this war game's answer to Heroes' Necromancer or Necropolis factions) does not resurrect fallen creatures as skeletons!

In closing, there is no doubt that Heroes of War is a solid and challenging strategy game, but it is far from perfect. If you are a fan of Heroes of Might and Magic, then this war game can provide a quick fix or a gaming break when you are at school or in the office, but it would probably be better for die-hard fans to dust off their old copies and play them instead.