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Hex Empire Instructions

All controls are mouse-based. Click to select a unit, click to move them.

Hex Empire Walkthrough

Hex Empire is a war game set on a hex-grid hence the name. Each tile on the board is a six-sided hexagon with six other hexes adjacent to it. The concept of the game is simple, the execution is not. You have to conquer the region in this turn-based strategy war game.

Hex Empire pits four countries against each other, and they're all the same in every aspect except for the turn order. The turn order is Red, Violet, Blue, and Green. On the map are large dots, a dot with a star, and anchors.

The large dots represent cities, by capturing these they will produce troops automatically up to a maximum of 99 in one troop stack.

The star dot represents your capital in Hex Empire. If the capital is captured, you are out of the game regardless of your army and territory.

The anchors represent shipyards. They do not produce troops but they will allow a unit to enter the sea and become a boat. Even though this is a war game, the mechanics are very simple and stripped down.

Troops are moved by clicking on them, and clicking on a hex. Troops have two stats, quantity and morale. Quantity can be increased by standing on a town, or moving one troop stack onto another. The second stat in red numbers is morale, which adjusts the overall strength of the unit significantly. Taking over towns increases morale, as does winning battles for the entire army. Losing battles sharply lowers it, meaning taking down weak troops on the enemy side will cause them to weaken greatly. Morale also increases naturally over time.

You can move any unit once, but you can only move up to five units in any given turn, meaning it's best to only attack one country at a time while playing Hex Empire. Making use of pacts to slow the enemy down is a huge help.

Two options at the top-right of the screen are Speech and Pact. Give Speech will greatly increase the morale of all your troops once per game, and pact makes a temporary peace agreement between you and another empire for the rest of the turn if you need to buy yourself some time.

Once you defeat the last empire on the map, you win the game and start over. There's a chance that a previously-beaten empire can rise up after beating the last one, but this is more an annoyance than a threat since your army is likely composed of several hundred troops at this point.


Make sure to pick a country that has multiple towns that are all within two spaces of one-another, this will give you a huge advantage throughout the game.

Momentum and town control is the key to winning. Spend three moves attacking when you can and two bringing up reinforcements.