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Aim your turret with the mouse. Fire your turret with the left mouse button.

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Horizon of War is one of the best tower defense war games online. Challenging and engrossing, this game will keep you playing game after game. The premise couldn't be more simple, the graphics aren't over the top and the entire game is played using nothing but your mouse yet it is completely addictive and will keep you playing. As wave after wave of enemies attack you are given new weapons and ammo to use to try to hold back the forces and defend your tower but often times you can't help but be overwhelmed. This isn't an easy game, challenging even the most experienced war game players, but the real fun is in the level of difficulty it presents. Instead of trying to beat the game, you'll find yourself hitting 'try again' to try to get more kills then you did in the previous game. There are really no rules here - just aim and shoot and do your best to take out as many attacking units as you can.

The premise behind Horizon of War is pretty basic, and not terribly uncommon in the world of tower defense war games. You are at the top of your tower and you need to protect it from the enemies who are attacking it. The difference between this and other tower defense war games, however, is the sheer number of enemies you are facing off against. This game gives you a definitive number which gives you something to shoot for, even if you're sure you're never going to reach it. You have 99, 999 enemies to face off against in this intense and fast paced game. You will have to shoot as fast as you can and get as much ammo as you can to try to hit that target. If you take them all out, you become the world leader, but that goal isn't a difficult one to accomplish. You can keep track of your progress and see how much further you have to go by checking the number at the bottom right hand of the screen. This tells you how many of those 99, 999 enemies you have left to kill. In truth, though, it's probably best to ignore that number for most of the game. Instead, focus on taking out the approaching enemies. In a game this difficult, it's best not to let yourself get distracted.

In Horizon of War the difficulty doesn't just lie in the number of enemies you have to fend off, but in the terrain your enemies are approaching on. While most tower defense war games have enemies approaching over flat, level ground this one chooses to do things a little differently. Your enemies are approaching over rough terrain with mountains and hills. You will not be able to shoot your enemies through a hill. This makes things quite a bit more complex. You need to aim your shots carefully; especially if you have a great weapon but only limited ammo. You can see how much ammo you have in your weapon by looking at the upper right side of the screen. Missiles are great. They take out tanks easily and can take out a while group of ground troops at once, but you generally only have three to five of them to use in one clip. There are less effective weapons and what makes the game even more difficult is that you are not able to choose what weapon you want to use. Your basic weapon - the weapon you start the game with - is effective for taking out ground troops but isn't much good for anything beyond that. It'll still get the job done. It just takes a bit longer than some of the more advanced weapons. When you run out of ammo with on of the advanced weapons, you will still have your basic weapon to use but if you have a lot of tanks and vehicles approaching, you're going to want to see a new weapon come into view.

Your new weapons fall from the top of the screen attached to parachutes. You collect these falling weapons by shooting them. Aim carefully though. You don't want to miss a good weapon because you didn't take the time to aim. If the weapon is falling fast, aim just below it and you should have no trouble hitting it. As soon as you hit a weapon, you will be equipped with it. Remember though, you don't have to take every single weapon that you see. If you don't think the weapon will be better than the one you're using and you don't mind using your basic weapon once your ammo runs out, let the new weapon pass. As you play the game, you'll get an idea of what weapons work best in what situations. The fire weapon, for example, is excellent for short range combat but isn't terribly effective for enemies approaching further away. You can wait for the enemies to get closer but remember, there will be more enemies coming right behind them. Waiting can give you a pretty big mess to clean up. The sniper rifle is great for taking out ground troops and even tanks, but it can be a bit slow to reload. Even so, it's one of the better options you have simply because it inflicts so much damage.

Overall, Horizon of War is an excellent tower defense war game that will have you hooked from beginning to end. It's great for any fan of tower defense war games because it focuses more of challenging yourself to beat your high score than actually defeating all of the enemies in the game. It isn't so difficult newcomers to the genre won't enjoy playing it, but it isn't so easy more experienced players will find it boring or dull. The best way to advance in the game is to plan your shots carefully, only go for weapon upgrades if you're sure the weapon will be an improvement over the one you have and most of all, enjoy the game for what it is. Set challenges for yourself. If you get fifty kills in one game, try for 100 the next time. You'll want to keep playing until you reach that goal. Eventually, you might even find yourself closing in on the 99, 999 mark. If that's the case, you might as well just continue playing. Who doesn't want to be the world leader?