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Intrusion Instructions

Intrusion is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The arrow keys (or WASD keys) are using to control your character. The 1, 2, 3, and 4 number keys are used to switch weapons. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The game may be paused by pressing the P key.

Intrusion Walkthrough

Intrusion is a run-and-gun action game. This platforming game features ragdoll physics, beautiful graphics, great sound effects, a variety of enemies, four different weapons, interactive environments, and addicting gameplay.

The objective of Intrusion is to complete the game's five challenging levels while racking up as high of a score as possible. You are rewarded for killing enemies and collecting powerups, and you may attain score bonuses by performing double kills, multikills, launching your enemies into the air, and more.

Intrusion features a ton of enemies and hazards to deal with. Luckily for you, you have an arsenal at your disposal including your trusty pistol, the sub-machine gun, lasers, and explosives. You may collect weapons simply by walking over them. Collecting a weapon that is already in your possession will replenish its ammunition supply. I suggest using the pistol as much as you can in this action game, since the pistol has a decent rate of fire, great accuracy, and an unlimited amount of ammunition. The other weapons have limited ammunition so use them sparingly.

Intrusion is a very difficult game, but luckily, you can change the difficulty level. Be warned, however, because you must attempt to beat the game on the normal difficulty level before you can unlock the easy difficulty level (you must lose all three of your lives before the game will register your attempt). The easy difficulty level allows you to take more damage before dying, increases the damage of your weapons against enemies slightly, and grants you five lives instead of three.

If you become fatigued playing this thrilling action game, you may return to the action at any time. Intrusion features a save game feature, as well as a level select. If you have previously beaten a level, you may start off from that stage in the game.

Intrusion is a delightful action game with arcade action and high attention to detail. If you like shooting games, platforming games, and ragdoll games, then you will love Intrusion.