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Game is played using the mouse and the left mouse button.

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Kingdoms at War : Conquest is one of the most addictive, most engrossing and most fully featured strategy based RPG war games online. Play with or against players from around the world as you try to build the most powerful kingdom in the world. It isn't an easy task to accomplish, but it is well worth trying. If you've never played a RPG war game before or aren't familiar with how they're played, you might have a bit of a hard time picking this one up which can make it a bit frustrating for beginners, but as you play you'll figure out more about the game and improve significantly. More experienced players will love this game. The game play itself isn't that different from most RPG war games, but the fact that you are able to face off online against other players makes it more challenging, more interactive and a lot more fun. The tutorial level allows you to get a feel for what the different tabs in the game do and how to accomplish various tasks in the game, but you will not be asked to name your kingdom and face off against online opponents until you've completed the tutorial level. Make sure you do the tasks you are given in order or you're going to have a hard time completing the tasks you need to complete before you can start playing online.

In Kingdoms at War : Conquest, like so many other RPG war games, your goal is simply to make the strongest kingdom you can make and hopefully become the strongest kingdom in the world. To accomplish your goal you will need to explore your land, perform quests, attack kingdoms and spy on kingdoms all while your own kingdom is being attacked and spied on by other kingdoms. The weaker your kingdom the more vulnerable it is to attack. Focusing on building a strong kingdom is of vital importance but understanding how to do that will first mean understanding the information presented to you on the game screen. This might be a lot for the beginner to take in, but it's really just a matter of doing a little exploring. At the very top of the game screen starting at the left you'll see your shield, your kingdom's name and the view profile button. The view profile button will take you to your profile which gives you access to the basic stats about your game; your achievements, your hire value, how many battles you've won, how many quests you've completed, your detailed army stats, your permanent item bonuses, and your ally bonuses. You'll also see any items you possess as well as the button that allows you to view your wall where other players can post messages to you.

Next to your profile link at the top of your page in Kingdoms at War : Conquest, you will see 'gold', 'nobility', 'allies' and 'buildings'. Gold shows how much gold you have to spend on buildings, upgrades, exploration and items in the store. Nobility represents how many nobility points you have. You can use your nobility points by visiting the Oracle, which we'll talk about in a moment. Allies shows the allies you have hired. Hiring allies helps you build a stronger defense. You can also be hired which gives you gold. The stronger your kingdom is, the more you are worth to hire. 'Buildings' simply tells you how many buildings you have in your kingdom. When you begin your online game, you will have at least three buildings in place; two of which you built during the tutorial level. Gold determines how much you are able to build. You need gold to explore land or build buildings. Keep an eye on how much gold you have and try to build enough to continue to develop your land. To build, you first need to explore your land. You'll need gold to explore and the amount of gold you'll need increases as you explore more land. After you explore a plot of land you can then build a building. Look at your game stats and see what area needs to be strengthened. It's a good idea to build one of each of the defense forges (buildings) to begin with and then work on upgrading them. Each forge can be upgraded to level three. Once you've upgraded your forges, explore more land and build new ones. Keep upgrading. Upgrading is important in building a strong kingdom. To upgrade a forge, you simply need to click on it and click the upgrade button at the bottom left of the screen. Make sure you have enough gold, though. As you upgrade the forge, it will cost a much higher amount of gold to upgrade it again. It's worth it though.

On the far right of the top of the screen in Kingdoms at War : Conquest you see how many soldiers you have and how many spies you have. You will need soldiers to attack other kingdoms and to complete quests. You will need spies to spy on your opponent's kingdom. There are three options for spying; scout, steal and assassinate. Scouting allows you to look into the enemy's defenses to see how strong they are. It allows you to see how strong their forges and armies are. Stealing allows you to steal your opponent's gold. Assassinate allows you to kill enemy soldiers while they are sleeping. All of these things significantly reduce your enemy's defenses and leaves them weaker for attack. Remember though, there is always the chance you will lose. Losing means you will lose spies and will not gain any gold. This isn't a good thing. Be careful when you spy. Although there is always temptation to keep trying again and again when you lose, this isn't the best strategy. Focus on building your kingdom and doing quests until you are stronger. Once you have a stronger kingdom you can start doing battle and spying on your opponent kingdoms.

The tabs at the top of the game screen in Kingdoms at War : Conquest are where the majority of the game is played and are likely the aspect of the game that will give beginners the most trouble. Once you are playing against other players you are going to get attack, be spied on and be hired by other kingdoms. You will get pop-up alerts each time this happens. If you miss the alerts, you can visit the 'home' tab which is the first tab on the far left of the tab bar. The home tab will show you the most recent activity with your kingdom and allow you to view the member profiles of those who have hired or attacked you. You won't be able to see information on who spied on you as, well, they're spies. The home tab also allows you to view the top clans or players in the game, visit the forums, leave feedback, invite friends to play and link your game to your iPhone. In addition, the home tab also offers the help button if you get stuck. You might need to use that last option fairly often. The next tab is the 'clan' tab. Here you can find information on the clan you have joined or start a clan of your own. Joining forces with a clan in a great way to strengthen your kingdom and benefit from added protection from attack.

The Kingdom tab is one of the most important parts of Kingdoms at War : Conquest. This is where you explore land, build and upgrade your forges. The 'Quests' tab, to the right of the Kingdom tab, is also important. This is where you will do quests to find items and gain gold. The quests range in difficulty so be careful which quests you try to do. Failing a quest will cost you soldiers and won't reward you with any gold. Each quest can be mastered. Mastering a quest will give you a great gold bonus and will move you closer to getting achievements. Next to quests, you have the 'Allies' tab. Go to the 'Allies' tab to buy allies to help make your kingdom stronger. This is also where other players will go to hire you. Remember, allies are an important part of the game so take time to see what allies you can buy. Look at their stats and see which ally will be of the most benefit to you. The next tab is the 'Store' tab. You can go to the store tab to spend gold on various items to make your kingdom stronger. There are six sections to choose from; attack, defense, spy attack, spy defense, permanent and miscellaneous. If you want to strengthen your defense against spies, go to the 'spy defense' tab and purchase items from there. The store is an important part of the game that is often overlooked. If you continually fail spy missions, strengthen your attack with items from the 'spy attack' section of the store. You can only use items your purchase once, but they can help you achieve your goal. The 'Oracle' tab, to the right of Allies, is where you will go to spend your nobility points. You can trade nobility points for gold, a refill of your army and spy stats, a health recharge, or to change the name of your kingdom. This is also where you can purchase your nobility points using Mochi Coins.

Overall, Kingdoms at War : Conquest is one of the best, most addictive RPG war games online. The ability to interact with players gives this war game an advantage over most of the other games in the genre simply because it allows you to help plan a strategy with other players. Joining clans and buying allies is a great way to get ahead in the game and while it might seem a bit overwhelming or complicated in the beginning, the more you play the more you'll understand. The great thing about this game is that even newcomers to the genre will be able to pick up how the game is played with a little time and patience. This is a game that is going to keep you coming back for more time and time again. Take the time and spend the gold to upgrade your buildings to make your kingdom stronger. The stronger your kingdom is the more you will get hired which greatly reduces the amount of time it takes you to gain gold. Make sure you do quests and find a good clan to join and you'll do just fine in this addictive and engrossing RPG war game.