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The control of this war game is anything BUT complicated: you just need to use your mouse to swap those tiles in the city, to restore the health of your heroes, create power ups, and recruit more soldiers into the battle. Once you manage to swap 4 tiles of orange, light blue, or pink, you get wall reinforcements. On the other hand, when you swap green, red, and purple tiles, your heroes' health points will be restored or a power up tile is created.

King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes Walkthrough

It has just about everything - this is King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes. Whatever genre you find addicting - tower defense, RTS, RPG, etc., this war game from IriySoft will surely keep you glued on your computers for a long time. The objective of this game is anything BUT complicated: you need to fend off waves and waves of dreadful creatures with your three heroes (hence the name King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes). To replenish the health of your heroes (and trust me, you got to do this on the regular), you need to match corresponding towers on the game screen. During battle, your heroes gain experience which you can use to beef up their primary attributes: (1) Damage, (2) Hit Points, and (3) Leadership. Along the way, as you progress into harder and trickier levels, you need to install wall defenders on your castle. You just should if you want to win!

The difficulty of the game is based primarily on how well you think and react when you are being pressured. If you can easily swap those tiles, station your troops at the right spots, while replenishing the health points of your heroes (man, that's A LOT to do!) then this shouldn't be a problem. HOWEVER, if your reflexes aren't fast enough and you are not a natural speed demon, you can expect some thrashing on your first try... and it will be an earth-shattering one!

Just like in other war games, strategy also plays a very crucial role especially in managing your finances. You need to have enough cash to face the next level and the monsters in it, which will surely hit harder and grow tougher than the monsters a level ago. The nice thing, however, is that you can always go back to previous levels, beat the same monsters, earn cash, rinse and repeat. If you miss a lot of opportunities to bag those much needed dough or if you haven't earned enough money and can't pass the next level (since your character / heroes would be too weak), just go back to the previous level. Don't worry, nobody is looking. ? YES, milk those levels and monsters for whatever they are worth!

Saying that swapper / connect 3 kind of games are popular is an understatement. Over-used would be the right term for it. HOWEVER, this war game, King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes, was able to incorporate the idea along with other multiple game themes and elements. And, if you are quite tired of the swapper / switcher game theme, don't worry. It's not the dominant theme of the game. It's more of a mixture of 2 superb games. The game play picks up a frantic pace especially during the later levels. Faced with BIGGER and TOUGHER monsters, you will find your soldiers going down easily... and that means your heroes are left to take the hits. You need to constantly refresh each heroes' health if you want to see daylight.

Going back to the switcher aspect of the game, I really like the fact that you need to focus on 3 colors. If you focus only on one color, your 2 heroes will eventually die. Trust me, with 2 heroes down, you can look at the future with great despair. It's just impossible to win when you only have one hero left. I don't know about you BUT I haven't seen any game like this before. It's really nice to see something that's original (well, maybe half-way original) pop up in the internet / flash-based gaming world.

The graphics and design of this war game is quite impressive as well. What enjoyed about the graphics is the color choice which is, well... colorful! I don't know BUT everything about the game looks really bright and happy. It looks like there is nothing to worry about except for the fact that your soldiers and heroes are being whacked to death by those dreaded monsters. While the pretty and cheerful feel that the colorful and bright artwork evokes is quite contrary to this war game's theme, it's still nice to have. It's realistic with some semi-cartoony and cute designs thrown into the mix. The detail in the dirt, for one thing, is very realistic! It has the kind of textured look that made it look sublime. As for the trees, they blended really well with the characters and trees in the game with all of them looking semi-cartoony. The realistic look of the dirt and cartoony feel of the characters, trees, etc. turned out to be a really good combination!

As for the music and soundtrack, it's actually very peaceful and calming. Again, it contradicts the war games theme! I think this is a strategy of the developer - making you feel at ease even with all of those monsters decimating your army's ranks like nobody's business. While it's OK, I would prefer music / sound track that's faster paced... one that tells you that something bad is afoot and that you got to face it with whatever trick or weapon you have under your sleeve if you want any chances of survival. HOWEVER, don't let this take away the fun brought by the game. The 'off-target' soundtrack is a very minor problem.

As for the replay value, I must say that replay value comes in BIG doses with this game! All in all, there are 20 achievements in King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes. All of these achievements are earned by completing tasks that are REALLY challenging, different, and unique. While many of the achievements are earned with luck (or by just grinding it out), you shouldn't have any problem earning all of it by completing the game. Summing things up, King's Guard: A Trio of Heroes is NOT one of your average war games. It has a game play that's like no other; graphics and design that's really eye-popping; music that's soothing; and replay value that's just overflowing. There's nothing more you can ask from this game!