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Knights Beasts & Magic 2 Instructions

Use the W and S keys to scroll up and down the battlefield; point and click to deploy and send troops after your enemy. While in between rounds, you can purchase upgrades for your base as well as your units. Besides campaign mode, there's also a survival mode available at the main menu. As you gain experience during battle, you'll be able to unlock addition units.

Knights Beasts & Magic 2 Walkthrough

Knights Beasts & Magic 2 is primarily a medieval war game. As the game progresses, it eventually turns into a battle between good and evil, since you'll be fighting off monstrous hordes, but you'll start the game in the southwest section of the overworld map. If you choose to start anywhere else, you won't be able to complete a stage.

The mechanics of the gameplay are pretty simple - you'll have a starting fund and so will the enemy - although it seems like the enemy has an endless amount of funds. Use your gold to train and deploy troops; you can choose to deploy them in one out of the three sections, or you can spread them evenly for a balanced attack.

As the match goes on, pay attention to the red and blue bars: the blue bar is your life bar, so try and make sure that it doesn't go down; and the red bar is your opponents - make it dwindle to nothing at all costs. As you kill enemy troops, you'll gain experience points, and these will unlock stronger units that you can deploy (and you'll run across some cool ones after a few rounds).

With upgrades you can purchase in between rounds and unlockable units, Knights Beasts & Magic 2 is not only a great sequel, but an awesome war game. There are tons of maps to beat and a survival mode, if you think you're that good of a strategist.