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Last Command Instructions

Aim your weapon with the mouse. Fire your weapon with the left mouse button. Buy upgrades by clicking them with the left mouse button and place them using the mouse and the left mouse button. Deselect item you do not want to purchase by clicking another item with the left mouse button. Buy ammo by pressing 'space'.

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Last Command is an entertaining and engrossing action based war game that sees you trying to defend your base against alien attack. There are five stages in this game that are set all across America with four waves of aliens in each stage with one big tough bag guy to take out at the end of each stage. The graphics are excellent - much better than you would expect to find in the typical action war game - but what's truly great about the game is that although the game looks great, it's also very challenging. Instead of sacrificing fun for flash, the creators of this game have combined these two elements to create a playable, addictive and intense game that will have you hooked from start to finish.

Last Command really offers something for every fan of action war games. The game isn't so difficult newcomers to the genre won't enjoy playing it, but it isn't so easy more experienced players will find it boring or stale. The basic premise of an alien attack is a fun twist on the typical attack and defend war game premise, but the story isn't so involved that you are distracted with a long winded write up between each level. The focus is on the game itself, not all the bells and whistles that go along with some of its contemporaries. You are given your base and a barrier between your base and the attacking aliens. You need to shoot those aliens before you can reach your base. As you progress you will open up the to option to buy new types of soldiers to help you defend your base. These new soldiers will be shown in a panel at the bottom of your screen. Just click on the one you want to purchase and place it on the game screen along the barrier. You are not able to control individual soldiers but rather control all of the soldiers as one unit. They will all fire wherever you point your mouse. You need money to buy these new soldiers, but any soldiers you don't have enough money to buy will be shown in a darker color and you will not be able to click on them. Keep an eye on how much money you have and plan your defense with that in mind. While more expensive soldiers often deliver more damage in their attack than less expensive soldiers, if you can afford more than one of the less expensive soldiers, buying the less expensive soldiers might be a better way to do. You're going to want to have as many weapons defending your base as possible when you face off against 'the boss' at the end of each stage.

Aside from new units, Last Command will also offer you a variety of upgrades similar to those you would get with most other action war games online. Available upgrades are shown at the bottom right of the screen and will be shown in full color when they are available for you to use. There are give in total; more ammo, better armor, radar, med packs and air strikes. Some of them are pretty self explanatory. More ammo (the bullets icon), gives you more ammo. Better armor (the shield icon) upgrades your armor making your soldiers more resilient to attack. Radar (the icon with a yellow swirl) shows you where an enemy will appear so you can get ready to target it before it even appears. Med packs (the red cross icon) boosts your health so you can survive longer. Air strikes (the airplane wing and missile icon) will drop an air strike on your enemies delivering significant damage to multiple enemies. You also need to purchase these upgrades, but they're well worth it. You'll get much further in the game if you take advantage of the upgrades offered as each one of them significantly increases the strength of your defensive line.

Each time you kill an enemy in Last Command you will be rewarded with gold that you can use to purchase new soldiers or upgrades. The amount of money you are given for each kill will depend on the strength of the enemy you take out as well as where you hit them. Like most action war games, you are rewarded with more money for head shots although in this game, headshots aren't always easy to get. As you progress in the game you will face off against at least seven different kinds of aliens; each of which will have a different weapon or different strengths. It won't take you long to figure out which ones you need to worry about the most. Focus on the ones that can inflict more damage before you worry about the ones that are less tough. Killing stronger enemies reduces the amount of damage done to your base and gives you more money to buy more units or upgrades. In addition to killing enemies, you are also rewarded with points if you can help any survivors of the alien attack get to your base. All you really have to do here is kill aliens before the survivor can be killed by them. If they make it to your base, you get 250 gold.

Overall, Last Command is an excellent action war game that chooses to go the extra mile to give fans of the genre a little something special. Beginners might have a bit of a hard time advancing past the first stage but with time, beginners will improve. The key in this game is to pay attention to your money, buy units and upgrades wisely and focus on helping survivors. Sometimes you will have to allow your base to take a little damage to get the survivors to safety, but the 250 gold will make up for that. Use it for upgrades or to buy more units for your defensive line and you'll find you make a smart decision. The key to this game is careful planning and fast shooting. It isn't easy, but it is a lot of fun.