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Lethal War Zone Instructions

If you have played war games before, the control scheme of Lethal War Zone shouldn't be too hard for you to pick up or learn. The game is played both with your keyboard and mouse. The latter, your mouse, is for selecting units, moving them from one spot to another, attacking, clicking mouse action (produce, sell, repair, and cancel), produce units, place buildings, and the like. As for your keyboard, here are some keys you want to keep in mind: (1) press the Space Bar to deselect units and restore standard mouse action. (2) Press the P button to pause the game. (3) Pressing the R button, on the other hand, is for repairing your damaged structures. (4) If you want to sell one of your buildings, just click on it and press the DEL button. (5) To bring back your view right into the center of your base, just press the C button. (6) The arrow / cursor keys are for moving around the map. Alternatively, you can also use the W, A, S, and D keys (which is less awkward in my opinion). That's about it for the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Lethal War Zone Walkthrough

Destroy the enemy using with whatever you have - this is your ultimate objective in this real-time strategy / war game - Lethal War Zone! BUT before you can dream about victory, you need to have a massive and powerful force first: (1) Research technologies to beef up your soldiers and defenses. (2) Build your base. (3) Control the resources you have and manage them like a wise and powerful war lord would. (4) Train soldiers and upgrade them... beef them up for combat! Do all of those and you will be ready for battle. This game showcases 7 different buildings; 5 towers that will guard your base from intruders; and 11 different units that can be trained if you research them before getting into the playing zone.

One reminder: there are units and towers that can only be trained, built, and upgraded if you have chosen a specific tech-tree at the start (you can choose from air or ground). The units and towers you have chosen increase in the experience department while you play. That said, you can choose to keep your best units for playing in the next zone.

Looking at it, I have to say that this is a nicely done Real-Time Strategy / War Game. I have to give a 'thumbs up' for the sprites of the units. One thing the developer could improve in this department is to have some differentiation - make the enemy units distinctive from your allied or friendly forces. The AI paths fairly well too... well, until it runs into a tree and its movement / path is ruined. So there's a lesson learned there: tanks and trees do NOT mix well together. One problem I see with the AI is that it runs into columns and there are instances where your forces find themselves stuck in a long line. This usually happens when there's an enemy unit right in front of them. The units behind your front-liner can't get at the enemy in front.

Moving forward, the set up of the tech tree in this war game is easy to grasp and it works pretty well. One thing I have noticed is that the Radar is too tied up... slaved to the power source. I haven't played the Air Units that much BUT one thing I can tell is that it needs a new unit...say a helicopter that will perform like a tank instead of flying out, fire a few shots, go back to base, and wait for a new target assignment. With the addition of more units and tech, Lethal War Zone has the potential to be a VERY good game. As for me, I enjoyed playing the Ground Units A LOT!

Some Tips For Playing:

(1) Having a repair truck, especially one that has been researched up to the 5th level or better, is infinitely better and cheaper than rebuilding a destroyed unit.

(2) If you can and if your finances can afford it; research and build MG towers or tanks that can take out air units. It's very useful for taking out those pesky jet fighters.

(3) Do NOT spread yourself too thinly. For ground units and tech, instead of researching and upgrading several tanks (which is very expensive), focus on one or two types of tanks. As for my case, Heavy II and Medium II are my focus. This is especially useful since when you get to the latter stages, having GREAT speed and firepower for your tanks is a MUST for taking out those gun emplacements.

(4) Always have a back-up power plant. Do not put your eggs in one basket. Trust me, the enemy will try and they can cripple you by taking out your power-plant.

(5) So you already have 6 to 8 tanks at your disposal? GOOD! Now it's time to make a move to the enemy's base and deal significant damage to their inner buildings. Your priority is to take out their important and inner buildings. Believe me, even if only one tank makes it beyond the defenses, it can cause chaos and havoc on the enemy's infrastructure!

(6) Grab a Radar and know where the enemy bases are located. Once that is out of the way, set up MG emplacements and station tanks to shoot them down along their flight path.