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Lone Defender: The Blitz Instructions

Aim your turret with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button. Hold down the left mouse button for sustained fire.

Lone Defender: The Blitz Walkthrough

The goal of Lone Defender: The Blitz isn't terribly uncommon in the world of online war games and it isn't a complicated goal to understand. Your defenses are under attack from enemy aircrafts and you need to prevent them from getting through. It's a fairly basic war game but it is also a wildly addictive and engrossing one. The graphics are fairly basic, but they are more than enough to keep your attention and keep you playing. The controls are easy to understand and easy to use to even the novice war game player shouldn't have a hard time getting the hang of them. This isn't the most difficult war game online but it offers enough challenge that experienced players will enjoy it and not find it too easy or basic.

The tutorial offered in Lone Defender: The Blitz offers all of the basic information you need to get started. Your turret is at the bottom center of the screen and the enemy aircrafts are approaching from the top and center of the screen. You'll see two cursors on the screen; a smaller one you control with your mouse you will use to aim and a larger one that shows you where your turret is currently aiming. It might be a bit difficult to get the hang of aiming using both cursors in the beginning because there is a slight delay in tracking. The accuracy of your shot in the beginning of the game is also a little tricky to master because you'll only be using a basic turret. Do the best you can do. If you allow ten enemy aircrafts to pass your defenses will be overwhelmed and your game will be over. The best way to advance in this game is to just keep shooting until you're sure you've taken out your enemy. Try to land shots to the center of the aircraft as center shots will inflict the most damage. Aim and fire slighlty in front of the aircraft to try to compensate for the less than accurate turret you are given to start the game and for the best chance of landing center shots. Finally, make sure you take advantage of the upgrades offered between waves. They'll help you significantly.

The addition of upgrade options you can purchase between waves in Lone Defender: The Blitz gives you something beyond holding back enemies to aim for. The upgrades will make your turrets more powerful and more efficient for attack and you can buy them between each wave of enemy aircraft attacks. Unlike many other war games, buying upgrades as often as you can is vital in progressing in the game. You have six options for upgrades; velocity, accuracy, rate of fire, targeting, damage and explosion. Velocity upgrades increase the speed of your shells allowing you to hit your target faster. Accuracy upgrades improve the accuracy of your turret making it much easier to target your enemy effectively. Rate of fire upgrades speed up the rate of fire. That one is fairly self explanitory. The faster you can fire the better. Targeting upgrades increase the speed your turret target follows your cursor for faster, more efficient targeting. Damage upgrades increase the amount of damage you inflict on enemy aircrafts with your shots. Explosion upgrades increase the area of shell explosions allowing you to inflict more damage with a single shell. In the online version of the game you can upgrade each of these things five times with each wave allowing you one upgrade point.

In Lone Defender: The Blitz, unlike most other war games online, using your upgrades wisely is the best way to get ahead in the game as opposed to the actual skill of your shooting. Aim slightly to the front of the craft and you should have little trouble hitting it. The upgrades, however, are how you get through wave after wave of increasingly difficult attacks. As you progress new and more difficult to destroy enemy crafts will appear on the screen. To deal with this, focus on upgrading damage first. The more damage you can inflict on an enemy craft the better. This helps you take out the more challenging crafts much easier. Once you have damage fully upgraded, move on to accuracy. Improving the accuracy of your shot is a great way to get rid of the big boys as well. If you find the targeting distracting, upgrade targeting one level before you even start with damage. Even a one level upgrade will improve the targeting significantly. If you aren't finding it to be much of a problem though, skip upgrading it until you have the more important areas taken care of. After accuracy, upgrade rate of fire and then explosion. From there, you can pretty much upgrade whatever you like.

Overall, Lone Defender: The Blitz is one of the best war games online simply because of the upgrades it offers and the steadily increasing challenge it presents with each wave. Beginners will be able to get the hang of the controls fairly easily while more experienced players will find the new enemies fun to conquer. This is a war game that offers something for everyone. The newspaper articles you're shown between waves are interesting as well and add a little something different to the game that makes it even more entertaining. This is a great game for any fan of war games regardless of skill or experience level. If you're looking for more of a challenge, see how far you can make it in the game without upgrading your turret at all. It makes the game much more difficult and is a great option for the experienced player that finds the game a bit too simple.