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Massive War Instructions

If you have played flash based and online war games before, Massive War's control scheme should be a piece of cake for you to handle. Just like other games from the genre, the game is played with both the mouse and the keyboard: (1) Click on the icons to train units. Alternatively, you can also use the number keys 1 to 6. (2) If you need to change your army's formation, just click on the formation buttons to get the job done. (3) When you are scrolling with your mouse, just click on the edge of the screen to speed things up. There are essential hot keys for scrolling that you sure want to keep in mind as well: press the Q button to fast forward to the left. The W button, on the other hand, is for fast forwarding to the middle of the map. Lastly, the E button fast forwards to the right. That's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as controls go in Massive War. Let's have a closer look at the game...

Massive War Walkthrough

Massive War - this war game is set in the year 2082 when Earth is no longer a prosperous planet it once used to be. HOWEVER, don't let that deceive you. Earth still holds a very powerful military force. Other humans have decided to colonize nearby planets - Mars and Pluto. These three planets are habitable, BUT they are not optimal. That's why when scientists discover a planet teeming with natural resources (which came to be known as the Bluegreen Planet), the humans from Mars, Pluto, and Earth sent their forces in a race to establish dominion. Who will win? There's only one way to find out: play the game!

Just like other real-time strategy war games out there, there are 3 races available. If Starcraft has Terran, Zerg, and Protoss, Massive War has Artemedia, Orbelugs, and Harmatos. These are all humans. HOWEVER, living in another planet somewhat forced them to evolve... acquiring skills that average men could only dream of. Let's have a closer look at them:

(1) Artemedia: These are the earthlings. Just like Terran in Starcraft, they are the most advanced and developed in the technology department. They may NOT win against other races in hand to hand combat, BUT the weapons and destructive technology they have at their disposal can wipe out any force. They have the Laser Man and Sonic Tank Troops that can be upgraded and beefed up with advanced weapons. Their Sonic Tanks can devastate enemy ranks form a distance while their stealth aircraft can disappear and go inside enemy territory without ringing off the alarm. Missile Destroyers dish out A LOT of damage and explosion from a very long range. If you are the type who wants to deal A LOT of pain from a distance, this is the race to go for.

(2) Orbelugs: This race / nation hailing from Pluto is the most mysterious of the three. One can see the striking similarities of this nation to Starcraft's Zerg. They have developed mind control and brainwashing technologies that can make enemy units and soldiers fight for them. They come into battle with soldiers that are made faster and stronger with mysterious potions. Their Zombie Army and Toxin Tanks don't just destroy units fast... they control enemy units, something that can turn the tide of the battle into their favor. Not much is known about Orbelugs. One thing is certain though - they are a force to be reckoned with. If you want units that have amazing speed and regeneration abilities, this is the nation to go for.

(3) Harmatos: Last BUT not the least, we have the Harmatos hailing from Mars. As you may have guessed with my Starcraft analogy and comparison, this race is very much like Protoss. They are ferocious and fearless. Having the greatest amount of hit points among all 3 nations, going 'one on one' in a 'hand to hand' combat against one of Harmatos' soldiers is just plain suicide! The ranks of the Harmatos army are made of Bomberman Troops. Along with that, they boast the most powerful tanks and ships in the whole galaxy: Zedeadstator and Zmash Destroyer (apparently, living in Mars resulted in a fondness for the letter Z?). And to top it all off, they have the Kamikaze Planes that will crash themselves into their opponents and important structures. If you want to play it like a gladiator, if you don't mind some of your men as long as you achieve victory, this is the nation to go for.

Looking at it, this war game - Massive War, comes with all of the things you could ask for in a real-time strategy / war game. HOWEVER, that is not to say that this game is perfect. There are some caveats. Minor ones for sure BUT it somewhat gets in the way. If this is taken care of, I'm sure Massive War will be a Triple A+ flash based war game. For example, the soldiers and units don't stick to the battle formations you select sometimes. It messes up your strategies as some of your soldiers reveal the entire army's position.

Here's another: during later levels, the rocket jets would launch missiles, BUT they would immediately disappear... and worse, they don't deal any damage at all. It's annoying to see your fighter planes go all out... and they can't even deal damage let alone make a dent on the enemy camp.

Other than these things, Massive War is a good online and flash-based war game that fans of the genre will surely enjoy. The developer, I believe, is constantly updating the game, patching it, taking out bugs, etc. Once everything is taken care of, this will surely ROCK!