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Mech Ops Instructions

Use either the WASD or arrow keys to control and move your mech - double-tapping a key in the right or left direction will allow you to dash, even upwards if you want to. Use your booster to take out enemy aircraft, but make sure that it doesn't overheat. Aim and click with your mouse to fire your regular gun at enemies - hitting the R key will fire a rocket, but you only have a limited quantity of them. The P key pauses the game, the H key will give in-game help, and pressing the spacebar lets you reload manually.

Mech Ops Walkthrough

Mech Ops is a futuristic war game, and it's nonstop action from the moment you start playing. You'll be controlling a mech - a powerful robot that has a shield, rockets, a rifle, and a booster than will allow you to fly. You can upgrade all of these items in between rounds at the shop, depending on how much money you've made during the round.

Your primary enemies are tanks and helicopters - but, as the rounds go on and you progress through the game, don't be surprised when you start seeing new enemies. The dashing ability the mech has is your best tool to evade enemies and reload when you need to - use it as much as you can. Rockets are much more powerful than your rifle, so use them on enemy helicopters for a quick kill.

Once you've completed a round, you'll be taken to an overworld map, and you'll be able to see how much you've progressed through the game. As the rounds go on, the amount of enemies you'll encounter will increase, but your HP is restored between every round. Even so, it's a good idea to block enemy fire as much as possible - by using the down arrow or S key - causing your mech to wield a shield, nullifying enemy fire.

Overall, Mech Ops is an awesome war game; it's fun to play, you're given a lot of HP so you won't die ridiculously fast, and you're able to purchase cool upgrades when you need them the most. Unlike other war games, Mech Ops is mindless fun - and it's fun to be mindless every now and then.