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Mechanical Commando 2 Instructions

WASD move, P pauses and brings up the map, mouse aims and fires, spacebar fires your sub weapon.

Mechanical Commando 2 Walkthrough

Tyler's home planet is under attack by an organization with advanced technology and firepower known as the "Spectres", when his home city is under assault, he retreats to an abandoned building with a mecha, pilots it, and takes on the legion alone.

Mechanical Commando is a shooting game where you have an upgradeable mecha that is used to fight numerous opponents across the solar system, upgrade your mecha, and become the greatest asset of those who fight against the cosmic threat.

Each planet has main missions and side missions. The main missions give you specific objectives as well as optional ones you can complete along the way, such as rescueing civilians and killing elite troops on the enemy side. The end of the stages have powerful bosses who shift through multiple bullet patterns like many bullet hell games, so keep your distance from them.

The side missions in Mechanical Commando 2 on the planets are a good way to rack up extra experience, which involve destruction of all buildings, destruction of power plants, evacuating civilians, or surviving for a certain amount of time against enemy forces from. Clear one, you unlock more on planets you have beaten the Spectres on.

Each time you complete a mission, you gain EXP based on how many enemies killed and how many side objectives you have accomplished. When you reach certain EXP thresholds, you unlock new weapons and for use. Between missions, you can change your setup of equipment, but there is a weight limit on what you can have. What determines your weight limit is what leg type you use, with faster legs having less support and slower ones having more at the cost of speed and handling. Make sure to check regularly what new weapons you have unlocked.