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Metal Slug Brutal 2 Instructions

Metal Slug Brutal 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys move your character. The A key shoots, the S key jumps, and the D key throws a grenade.

Metal Slug Brutal 2 Walkthrough

Metal Slug Brutal 2 is a two-dimensional, arcade-style shooting game, and is the second game in the Metal Slug Brutal series. Like its predecessor, this shooting game is heavily-based upon the popular Metal Slug arcade game series, and uses sprites, sounds, and weapons from the classic Neo-Geo game.

The objective of Metal Slug Brutal 2 is to pass through each stage, killing all enemies, and defeating the boss at the end of the stage. You are given seven lives to complete the game, and five grenades. Like the original Metal Slug series, one hit from an enemy weapon will kill you, but unlike the original arcade game, dying will not replenish your stock of grenades!

Metal Slug Brutal 2 features a variety of weapons that may be collected. These weapons have limited ammunition, so be sure to use them sparingly. Your pistol has unlimited ammunition, but does not pack enough of a punch to quickly dispatch of most larger enemies. Sadly, this is the weapon that you will be using for most of the game, since Metal Slug Brutal 2 does not feature as many weapon pickups as its arcade game counterpart.

Metal Slug Brutal 2 is much less forgiving than its arcade game inspiration. The game is much faster paced, and as previously stated, the game offers less weapon pickups. You also can't insert a coin if you need more lives. In order to get over this difficulty curve, you are going to have to be quick dodging enemy bullets. Moving in close to enemy soldiers to stab them might help you to save precious ammunition (this happens automatically by pressing the shoot button when you are very close to an enemy).

If you are a fan of the Metal Slug arcade game series, but don't want to fork out the quarters or use an emulator, give Metal Slug Brutal 2 a try. This shooting game might just soothe your urges for high-impact arcade-style action!