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Mothership Warfare Instructions

W and S select the slot for attack, Space sends a unit.

Mothership Warfare Walkthrough

A game of interplanetary domination between multiple factions. You have a mothership, unlimited budget, and so does your enemy. Your task is to conquer all the planets one by one and be the supreme ruler.

To achieve this, your units must reach the enemy mothership on the other side of the field and wreak havoc through warfare. However, Mothership Warfare is about war, meaning they'll fight back with their own units. The goal isn't to beat on the enemy base, but to beat on it harder than they can beat on yours. Each unit that slips past the enemy guard and makes it into the mothership shifts the balance of power at the top of the screen, but any enemies getting into your base shifts it into their favor, meaning you have to keep up the assault for as long as possible.

Each unit in Mothership Warfare has a cooldown as is expected, but the cooldown is applied to all units. If you train a marine, your storm tank will be put on cooldown as well, and that cooldown will reset if you train another marine, so having multiple units of the same type wont help you, neither will having a huge range of troops either.

Pressing up and down changes what door your units come out of, very important as a stream of enemies on one rank can completely undo an entire game's work if they are not challenged. Every minute, you can release a storm of units from each of the ranks. Rounds have a time limit, once this is up, no more units can be made and what ones can be made will all be released at once in a final battle to determine the winner.

You are mostly playing against the clock in this, so play aggressively.