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mud and blood 2 Instructions

Guide and direct your troops individually by clicking on them with your mouse. Use the mini menu on the upper-left side of the screen to hire and train new soldiers, build buildings (though an engineer is required), and upgrade your weaponry. The goal of each mission is to prevent enemy soldiers from crossing your base line - don't let this happen above all else.

mud and blood 2 Walkthrough

In this WWII-themed RTS game, you'll have to use every resource at your disposal to repel the enemy from your base. You'll start out with a small fund of points to spend, and it's up to you to build a small force with it - you'll already start out with a few soldiers, and each one has a name - a unique feature to this war game. You'll only be able to direct soldiers individually, since mud and blood 2 is a small-scale game, but it works - the game isn't a huge onslaught like most others.

To improve your effectiveness on the battlefield, check out the mini-menu near the upper-left side of the game screen - there, you'll be able to find everything you can purchase. If you train an engineer, you'll be able to construct buildings and certain traps. You can hire extra soldiers, and just about everything else - the menu can actually be confusing at times.

In standard WWII style, you'll only be able to use historically accurate weapons and armaments in mud and blood 2 - but that doesn't mean the expensive weapons you can unlock aren't awesome. Furthermore, the eventually missions you'll take part it are awesome as well; once you go up in rank, you'll be able to unlock certain gameplay modes.

Overall, mud and blood 2 isn't the most wide-scale war game out there, but it works great on a small scale. Unique, individual troops are a nice added touch, and the sheer amount of things you can purchase give this flash game a lot of replay value - not to mention unlockable gameplay modes.