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Myth Wars Instructions

In Myth Wars, it's up to you to choose which side you are in: the Dark Age or the Medieval Age. In this side scrolling war game, you can enter enemy territory by air, sea, or land... just take your pick. Just like other games within the genre, you will use your mouse for the most part: (1) Move your mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll. (2) Press the left click button when you are scrolling to scroll fast. (3) Using your mouse, you can set the strategy for your units - Full Defend, Defend, Full Attack, and Attack. That's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as the control scheme goes. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Myth Wars Walkthrough

Myth Wars - this is one of those side-scrolling war games where the battle isn't decided solely on how powerful your weapons are (although that's still an important factor). In this strategy / war game adventure that pits the Medieval Age against the Dark Age, you need to have a working battle strategy that involves upgrading your unit's / army's skills and level. Along with that, you should also know how to change the orders you have to your units on the fly. Instead of playing it like a general who plans 20 to 30 moves ahead, it's like playing as a field marshal where you have to make decisions fast and be flexible.

There are 2 types of units at your disposal: first off, there are melee units. As you know, melee units are short range attackers. HOWEVER, what they lack in range is made up for by their beefy armor. The ranged units, on the other hand, have weaker defenses. HOWEVER, unlike melee attackers, they can dish out damage from a distance. You need to find an effective formation for your melee and long range attackers. Logic dictates that you should place the heavily armored melee attackers in the front line to absorb damage as they make the charge for it. The ranged units should stay behind. You don't want these fragile units taking hits when they can stay on the safe side while dealing pain.

Here's an example of this formation: the Zombies, Skeleton, Strigol, Lizardman, and The Griffin (not fully upgraded) on the front line. Sad BUT true, they act more as meat shields... BUT of course, this is not going to be in vain. They are usually backed up by the Dark Elves and Dragons who can wreak havoc and chaos from a distance.

When it comes to upgrades, you should make sure that your ranged units are upgraded first before the melee. The higher the levels of the ranged upgrades are, the stronger and faster they attack. Here's a sample of effective upgrade choices: (1) For your Dark Elf, if the Skeleton Upgrade is maxed out at 10, upgrade their range. (2) Upgrade Air Griffin. (3) If you have the resources for it, unlock the Dragon. This is the deadliest air and ranged unit. After the air unit upgrades, you should upgrade the sea units first like the Pirate Ship and Giant Shark. You have to be prepared for sea battles and without these upgrades you are going to be wiped out.

Here's something you should take note of: once you get to the higher levels, it will harder to win the up and coming levels in one go. You may need to retry a couple of times, BUT don't worry. When you retry, the enemies will be less powerful.

Things will NOT always go your way when playing this war game. In some of the levels, you will find your army being pushed back and many of your soldiers and units die in the process. Instead of focusing on building and training expensive and high-skilled units, you should mix things up by clicking on all troops on the battleground to saturate your area with troops. Now they may die in the process too, BUT this allows you to buy enough time to build and train high skilled and expensive units. You see, when you build the top tier units right away, they won't make a difference. Having a dragon ALONE won't save your base from the enemy's vehement attacks. You want to have a high enough number of high tier units, which takes time. And to buy that time, do what I mentioned above: mix things up with low tiered units.

Upgrading Your Base: Well, yes, you can upgrade your base... making it tougher to take down while giving it some killing power. HOWEVER, this should be done slowly and in phases. You see, the base defenders cannot take out and block all enemy units. The best defense in this game is to attack.

A Cheesy Strategy: So you are having a hard time winning a level? Here's a cheesy strategy that works. First off, build tanky and heavily armored melee units and put them on Full Defense Mode. They will stay in place and wait for enemies to come close before attacking and fending them off. Once you have enough defensive units, start building air / ranged attackers and upgrade them. Place them on Full Defense as well until they have reached their full power. If you have survived long enough to get all of the upgrades, it's time to go for the offensive. ?