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Nano Kingdoms Instructions

Nano Kingdoms is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, issue orders to units, and cast spells.

Nano Kingdoms Walkthrough

Nano Kingdoms is a war game that takes place on the tiniest planet of a fictional solar system. This strategy game features vibrant graphics, cute sound effects, simple controls, and a minimal storyline to give purpose to the action. Despite the characters resembling Sackboy, Nano Kingdoms has nothing to do with LittleBigPlanet.

In terms of gameplay, Nano Kingdoms is similar to many casual real-time strategy games found on the Web. The objective is to defend your castle on the left side of the screen and destroy your opponent's castle on the right side of the screen by sending soldiers and casting spells. What makes Nano Kingdoms unique is its heroes. After defeating an enemy commander, you will be able to use them in future battles. Each hero has their own unique spells to aide their forces in combat. The heroes are well-balanced in this war game, so spells alone cannot win the field, but it is best to choose a hero that counters the abilities of your next enemy.

Nano Kingdoms uses a simple mouse-only control scheme which casual gamers should be able to pick up quickly. To build structures or purchase upgrades, click on your castle, then click on the building or upgrade that you wish to purchase. Train units by clicking on the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the screen and cast spells by clicking on the spell that you want to cast in the upper-left of the screen. You may order your army to attack or to defend by choosing either option at the top of the screen. The first level of this war game serves as a tutorial, so you will get to practice these controls before your first real battle.

Resource management is vital in Nano Kingdoms. Spamming villagers at the beginning of a battle may seem like a good tactic, but the AI will probably counter this rush, leaving you with little resources to purchase other units or upgrades. Instead, it is best to invest your resources in resource-generating buildings for your castle and a building that trains advanced troop types. Train a few of these advanced troops to defend your castle while you stockpile resources for your big endgame push. Of course, your tactics will vary depending on the hero that you use, but this general battle plan will work better than rushing at the start.

Nano Kingdoms is a war game that casual gamers will love. Take to the battlefield and save the kingdom in Nano Kingdoms!