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Necronator Instructions

Necronator is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, select units, and move them. Scroll the map by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. Press the V key to make units control themselves.

Necronator Walkthrough

Necronator is a war game that places you in the role of the commander of an undead army. Necronator features sprites graphics, MIDI-style music, and an easy-to-use interface.

The objective of Necronator is to lead your undead hordes to victory by killing all humans in each township. The initial conquests of this war game will come easy, but the humans will improve their defenses as you progress. When all humans have been killed and all towns have been razed on a continent, you will be able to conquer the next. Your progress is automatically saved in this strategy game, so you may continue your slaughter by selecting your save slot the next time that you play. You can also save the game manually or load a game by under menu. To access this menu, click on the menu button in the lower-right corner.

After creating your save file, Necronator starts you off with a tutorial. Pay attention to this tutorial, because it will teach you how to go about controlling your forces. If you have played real-time strategy games such as Command and Conquer, Warcraft, or StarCraft, then the basic controls of this war game will be simple for you to figure out. Click and drag to select units, then click where you want them to go or where you wish them to attack.

Unlike many real-time strategy games, you do not have to harvest resources to train units. Instead, units are summoned by using mana that will slowly regenerate over time. This mana pool is shared with spells, so if you choose to cast spells, be wary that it may limit your ability to produce units. The number of units that you can field at one time is limited by your upkeep limit. More powerful units have greater upkeep costs.

After each battle, you can use money that you earned to upgrade your war effort. You can upgrade your units, unlock new unit types, buy spells, or unlock passive abilities. Since the primary combat resource of this war game is mana, it is a good idea to upgrade your mana pool and mana regeneration ability. You should also buy the basic meteor shower spell as quickly as possible since it can be a big help in dealing with your enemies.

Necronator is a war game that will appeal to fans of the RTS genre of games. Guts, glory, and gore await in Necronator!