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Necronator 2 Instructions

Necronator 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, select units, and move them. Scroll the map by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. Press the P key to pause the game.

Necronator 2 Walkthrough

Necronator 2 is the sequel to the war game, Necronator. This strategy game does not retain the charming sprite graphics of its predecessor, and uses cartoon graphics instead. Necronator 2 also features epic music, a plethora of unlockables, and six races each with their own campaign!

Necronator 2 takes place where the first Necronator left off. You can choose to play as the humans in their quest to rebuild their ravaged civilization, play as the undead and continue the scourge, or one of four other unlockable races. Your objective in each mission is to destroy the enemy castles while preventing yours from being destroyed. You will have to train units, capture villages, and cast spells to complete this objective. Battles in this war game are far more difficult than those in its predecessor, so if you are a first-time player, I advise you to play on the easy difficulty level.

Necronator 2 allows you to use an online save system or a local save system. If you choose to save online, you can continue your game from any computer, but this requires you to have an account with Armor Games. If you choose to save locally, you can only continue your game from the same computer. Also, if you choose to save locally, your data may be lost if you clear your browser cache or Flash temporary files.

Necronator 2 uses the same basic RTS-style gameplay that is predecessor used, but instead of controlling individual units, you must control groups of units known as squads. Squads can still be upgraded and new unit types can be unlocked between missions. You are only allowed to have six diverse types of squads depending on the types that you select, so choose wisely! I advise unlocking and using riflemen as soon as possible supported by strong melee units.

Aside from training units, you will have to maintain structures in this war game. Structures can increase your food and population supply, produce money and even provide defense. To capture a village, move your units to attack it and it will be captured once its health is depleted. To build towers, click on building materials (or speech balloons that read "Build Here"), then click the appropriate button to unlock the tower.

Necronator 2 is a solid sequel to Necronator, but changes in gameplay almost make it feel like its own separate game. If you enjoyed the first Necronator, then you may enjoy this war game, but don't be surprised if it's different from what you anticipated!