Operation Darkness Strike

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Operation Darkness Strike Instructions

Use your mouse to aim the gun retical and click the left mouse button to fire. Enemies will pop out of certain areas, and as long as you pick them off before the timer (found on the left side of the screen) runs out, you'll move on to the next area.

Operation Darkness Strike Walkthrough

Although the main menu claims that this flash game is only a "small version" of Operation Darkness, you'll still get the gist of this game. It' simple - you're a cop in a city, there are enemies popping up everywhere, and it's up to you to shoot them. That's it - that's the gist of this urban war game; but not the gameplay.

Operation Darkness Strike combines FPS with rail-shooter elements - alongside them both, there's a timer bar instead of a health bar - so you don't have to worry about taking certain enemies out; you just have to make sure that you kill them all quickly. Enemies, or rather anyone who pops up behind a tipped-over bus, are clad in black and, luckily for you, don't move around; they're easy to pick off.

Once you've cleared an area of bad guys, you'll move onto another area, and as the level progresses, the timer bar will deplete faster and faster - so you'll have to keep up. If you're having trouble keeping up, keep in mind that your ammo is unlimited, so you can shoot as much as you'd like without regard for anything, really. Once the timer bar runs out, you'll be taken to a game over screen - but you can just as easily start over with a few clicks.

Operation Darkness Strike is an urban war game with graphics that would have been cutting edge in the 1980's...but it's still fun to play. Mindless fun, that is. The enemy placement is predictable and the gameplay is repetitive, but if you're looking for a way to release some aggression, do it with Operation Darkness Strike.